The Mission

Lectera is an online platform with training courses that from day one of our training will start to change your life for the better.

Money education

    With Lectera, you’ll learn
  • to increase your income and earn more,
  • to increase business turnover,
  • help you to move quickly move up the career ladder,
  • be the strongest among your competitors in the market,
  • receive a passive income.

Fast Education

    The effectiveness of training is guaranteed by
  • short memorable lessons,
  • knowledge 'in the dry residue',
  • built-in skills development, the ability to immediately apply them.

Lectera in numbers

Lectera was created to give everyone the opportunity to become successful!

training materials


minutes of instructional videos


Lectera courses are created international team of methodologists. They collect the most relevant knowledge and experience on each topic, and then form course program based on best practices. All Lectera courses are tested and approved by international experts.

The quality of the courses is ensured by a large international team.

150 experts from 18 countries

100+ people – our own international team of course developers

7 levels of expert reviews

Each course is available in 5 languages

Our own video production team


From day one, you’ll apply your newly acquired knowledge and skills and see practical results in your current business. Each course is designed so that right from the get-go you’ll reap the benefits of what you learn.


All Lectera courses contain practical questions, exercises and assignments, that provide you with the practical skills and knowledge you’ll need for every topic you’ve chosen to study. All our lessons contain the necessary materials and tools for developing your skills, so you don’t need to spend time looking for additional resources.