Right Image. Succeed in Network Marketing

Image creation, rules of sales, cold calls advice, ways to influence people and self-esteem increase

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What you will get:
Creating a sales funnel
A step-by-step guide to cold calling
Various types of clients and how to approach them
Building a dynamic career in network marketing
A step-by-step guide to developing your image
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About this course
If you want to build a career in direct sales or network marketing - this course is an absolute must for you! Thanks to this course, you can not only learn sales techniques and find out more about different types of customers, you will also create your own image. After completing the course, you will have a work plan to develop your unique image. You will learn how to use social networks so that people want to buy your products and follow you.

In the course we will talk about the ways a successful seller differs from a mediocre one, and how to become number one in sales. We will tell you what internal and external qualities you need to develop in yourself and how to do it as efficiently as possible. Detailed checklists and instructions created by specialists with many years of experience in sales will be at your disposal.

A separate unit of the course is devoted to dealing with objections and negative. We have prepared many methods to neutralise objections and have detailed the mechanics of action just for you. After examining them, you will see that an objection is not an obstacle, but an opportunity for the seller! After the course, you will approach sales scientifically - you will recognise the types of customers and, depending on this, you will be able to build competent communication with your client. At the end of the course, we will give you the most effective NLP techniques that can become your magic wand in sales!
Skills you will get:
  • Cold calls
  • Building a sales funnel
  • Persuasion
  • Public speaking
  • Dealing with objections
Course structure

Lesson 1. Your personal sales tactics: sell yourself

We will discuss what an image is and how to sell ourselves, creating and maintaining the image of a successful person. You will learn how image differs from reputation and why image sale is a good direct selling strategy. We will create a work plan to develop your image – we will write out everything, from appearance to behaviour, and also give you instructions for maintaining social networks. Six golden rules of conduct await you at the end of the lesson to create the image of a successful person. Moreover, in the supplement, you will find instructions on creating a professional image on social networks.

Lesson 2. Qualities of a super-seller

We will learn what qualities you need to have in order to become a successful seller and what exactly you need to do to sell better. You will find out what personal qualities a successful seller should develop in themselves. We will explain how your appearance, speech and mood affect sales success. We will also talk about the internal qualities of the seller - perseverance, patience, persuasiveness and fortitude. Also in the lesson, you will find a checklist telling how to write down a convincing speech. In the enclosure – 18 habits that distinguish a good seller from the best one.

Lesson 3. Mindset for sales - how to change a lifestyle

We will analyse the features of sales in network marketing. You will learn how to present yourself in order to develop an affiliate network. You will find several detailed instructions: how to aim for sales, how to prepare for negotiations and how to stop being afraid of a customer. We have also prepared 12 universal rules for successful sellers that will be useful to both you and your team. In additional materials to the lesson, you will find 5 tips for cold calls and recommendations to improve the effectiveness of cold calls.

Lesson 4. How sales work

A detailed conversation about what sales are and how they work – who the cold and warm customers are, how to work with cold customers, what a sales pipeline is and how to use it effectively. We will also talk about scripts – what it is, how to create and use them. In the appendix, you will find 3 rules for successful sales and a step-by-step algorithm for cold calls.

Lesson 5. How to deal with objections

We will see why objections are not an end to a sale, but, on the contrary, an opportunity for the seller. You will learn what to do when you are confronted with objections. We will give you 8 proven methods to neutralise objections and we will consider the advantages and risks of each of them. In additional materials, you will find systematic instructions for working with objections with examples from various niches, as well as a detailed analysis of the most popular client’s “too expensive” excuse with possible reasons and actions of the seller, depending on the reason.

Lesson 6. Types of customers and dealing with negative

We will determine the types of customers and remember recommendations for working with each of them. You will learn why one client needs to have other options actively suggested to them, and the other needs you to agree with everything they say and recognise their authority. In the appendix, you will find a set of harmful and useful phrases for sellers, as well as seven tips for those who work with difficult customers.

Lesson 7. NLP life hacks

We will show you NLP techniques that can help you with your sales. You will see how to use the truism technique to push a client to a certain thought, and to prove using causation that buying a certain product will help the customer in other areas of life. We will also talk about the use of sales techniques such as supposition, storytelling, paradoxical prohibition, etc. In the appendix, you will find 5 secret ways to convince and sway people.

Valeriy Sandler
Valeriy Sandler
Valeriy Sandler