Online courses for teens

Growing up, children are faced with the challenge of self-determination and choice of their future profession – both the school and the parents can’t help here, because everything is up to the kid. But there is still a way to help – online courses for teenagers will give your children the skills they need to start their grown-up life and understand themselves!

Who are these courses for?


Learn to be successful and achieve goals


Expand your knowledge of parenting and teaching


Expand your understanding of modern learning
Experts have long established that school alone is not enough to prepare a child for adult life.

But with our tools and topics we teach, your teenager will be among the most successful in the real world!

Your kid will for sure find something exciting among the courses Lectera offers. Public speaking courses will develop eloquence and storytelling skills, which will help to be more sociable and find a common language with peers. Financial literacy courses will teach how to manage money wisely, save, and invest, and business courses for teens will show how to launch a startup and lead it to success. It may even encourage your child to gather a team and start their own business to have their own money before even reaching adulthood.

Teenagers today are not what they used to be. They are much sharper, more resourceful, and more curious than previous generations – from the cradle children nowadays watch IT technologies and learn to apply them in practice, become bloggers at the age of 13, and read adult books. Instead of preventing this, you can give motivation to their development. After all, this is something they don’t teach at school! Where else can a child learn to be themselves, build a career, and master the necessary skills, if not in Lectera?

Teens courses consist of short video tutorials, helpful instructions, checklists, and other visual materials to make the learning process comprehensible and fun.

All course speakers are children, so they will definitely be on the same wavelength with their “students”. There is no boring theory – just useful practical information in a compact and flexible format!