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At last! Free courses from Lectera provide you with an opportunity to stopshying away from change and learn the skills you have dreamed of. Try our innovative Fast Education methodology! Study 15 minutes a day, boost the most important soft skills and get practical results. We have selected only the courses that will help you change your life!
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Making a decision to change is never easy. Nevertheless, the modern world is changing very fast and in an unpredictable direction!

If you want to build a successful career and be the first in the labour market, you need to learn quickly and not be afraid to try new things. To support you on this thorny professional path, Lectera has created a section with free courses for every taste, speciality, and need!

Learn sales, marketing, business, leadership and all the soft skills you need for your career growth for free. The Fast Education methodology allows you to boost new skills, devoting only 15 minutes a day to training. Do you think it sounds too good to be true? Then check it yourself!

After all, this is why we have selected the best free Lectera courses for you.

Who are these courses for?

For those who want to earn more
Speed up your career and become a leader
For those who dream of their own business
Prepare to launch your own startup
For those who seek change
Master new professional directions
Mila Semeshkina
Founder and CEO of Lectera
Expert in fast and effective learning, author of the Fast Education methodology, and creator of various educational programmes. Official member of the Forbes Business Council. Marketer, entrepreneur, researcher of the modern media market, and international specialist in the creation and promotion of high-tech brands from the ground up to market leadership.

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Skills you will acquire

Leadership, networking, rhetoric, and stress management skills
All knowledge of sales, marketing and launching your business
Alternative ways to increase income and quickly build a career
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