Access for teams
Lectera is a ready solution to urgent staff issues for HR managers, top managers and business owners
Develop your business
At your request, Lectera can create personal online courses or other educational formats based on your specific needs
  • Team Access
    Access to online learning for your employees on special terms
  • Own Production
    Our team are ready to help package your experience in the Fast Education methodology
  • Full Support
    Development of turnkey courses according to your requirements
  • Collaboration
    Let's grow and develop EdTech together!
Partners who trust us
How do experts and institutions use Lectera?
  • Courses to publish and sell
    Lectera on its own has 186K+ active users and is a great channel to broaden your audience and teach globally. Courses made by authors are published on Lectera and can be monetised or shared with people around the world for free.
  • Company trainings
    To make onboarding more efficient and ensure all new hires get timely training on the company's core practices and polices, our HR department has created a system accessible to employees of companies from all over the world.
  • Collaboration
    We are open to new ideas and partnership projects. For example, you can participate in our courses as a speaker, take part in a training, or offer any other mutually beneficial collaboration.
What you will get
  • High learning rates
    It takes 1-3 hours to get basic knowledge in the chosen direction
  • Just the essentials
    The bottom line is that you gain the critical knowledge for the targeted training of skills
  • High-quality training
    Lectera’s educational products are created by an expert team of more than 150 professionals from 18 countries
  • Profitable for business
    There’s no need to spend resources organising training, and you don’t have to rent classroom space, pay for teachers, or coffee breaks
  • Flexibility
    Comfortable conditions for students: you can study anywhere and anytime.
  • Multilingual content
    Learn in any of the platform’s five languages: Russian, English, German, Spanish, or Hindi
We are here to help you
Do not hesitate to ask!
  • FAQ
    We have prepared extensive reading materials that cover both technical side of the product and the best practices for running your progress
  • Let's chat!
    Shoot us a question in our live chat. We will be happy to answer you! If the support team is not available at once, we will answer you by email
  • Write us at any time
    Our success depends on you! Email us. We will be glad if you can help us make our platform better