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Financial literacy education is something that you will not find in the school curriculum, and yet, everyone needs in everyday life. How to stop being a slave to money and make it work for you? Master financial literacy with our courses to ensure an easier life and a path to your success!

Who are these courses for?

If you are a hired worker

Learn to manage your budget wisely


Prepare to enter adulthood


Master the techniques of forming an investment portfolio
Today, for 70% of people, their main job is the only source of income.

Most do not even suspect that there are other ways to make money and even more than usual, without applying special efforts. Learning financial literacy with Lectera will fix this and turn you into a financially literate person!

Work is practically our second home: we spend most of our time there, five days a week. And in the end, we spend as much as we earned, not having (or not trying to find) the opportunity to save. Getting a loan instead of saving is also a widespread and very sad practice – you just deprive yourself of financial independence and freedom. To avoid this economic trap, you need lessons in financial literacy. We at Lectera are ready to teach you not only to take care of your finances but also to make use of it so that your budget grows by leaps and bounds!

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About this course:
About this course:
Our online financial literacy courses fill the gap in your knowledge of finance and teach you what they don’t teach in schools and colleges.

Master from scratch practical money management skills such as financial planning to reach your economic goals and finally afford to buy what you have wanted for a long time without relying on getting a bonus or raise. Learn to make and control investments in the shortest possible time, effectively manage them, as well as understand all the peculiarities of modern taxes and credits. With a high level of financial literacy and an understanding of how money works, you will never find yourself without it!