Lectera Corp

Turn your employees into the superstars who will help you make a mighty leap forward in your business with Lectera’s educational platform!

Lectera Corp is a ready solution to urgent staff issues for HR managers, top managers and business owners.

Do employees lose their skills, lag behind professional trends, see no prospect of professional development and leave? Do you have to bring in candidates from outside of the company to fill the new positions and then it takes them months to learn the ropes and to immerse themselves in the product fully? Does internal corporate training eat up too much time and money?

What does Lectera Corp do?

The exceptional Lectera Corp modules will fulfill all your requirements for employee training and your workers will always be in line with the market and your business needs. Furthermore, with increased productivity and career prospects, your employees will level-up their motivation and loyalty to their employer.

Do you want to learn more about Lectera products for corporate training, current discounts and special offers?
Lectera Corp will help solve your company’s most urgent issues. For instance:
  • If there are new areas of work where your team doesn’t have enough knowledge and skills;
  • the motivation of valuable employees is falling, and you don’t want to lose them;
  • your company needs to fill some new positions, but you don’t want to have to spend the time, energy, and expense of having to hire new staff and going through the interviewing, hiring, and training processes.
  • career opportunities aren’t available in all departments, and you want to let employees develop in other departments;
  • there’s an urgent need to improve team performance dramatically;
  • you don’t want to have to use additional resources creating an internal corporate training centre;
  • There is a need to be a more competitive employer and win the race for the best candidates. After all, now you have the super bonus – innovative training for your team.
What you will get:
  • High learning rates: it takes 1-3 hours to get basic knowledge in the chosen direction.
  • Just the essentials: the bottom line is that you gain the critical knowledge for the targeted training of skills.
  • High-quality training: Lectera’s educational products are created by an expert team of more than 150 professionals from 18 countries.
  • Profitable for business: there’s no need to spend resources organising training, and you don’t have to rent classroom space, pay for teachers, or coffee breaks.
  • Comfortable conditions for students: you can study anywhere and anytime.
  • You can learn in any of the platform’s four languages: Russian, English, German, or Spanish.
Who and what does Lectera Corp teach?

We’ve designed Lectera Corp’s modules for individual employees training to level-up specific skills, as well as corporate groups and even entire departments whose efficiency you want to improve. Furthermore, the top managers from your company can go through a real school of big business.

For everyone:

building skills that help you effectively cope with any task: leadership, time management, emotional intelligence, working with habits, stress management, public speaking skills, and more!

For the sales Department:

innovative sales courses with specially designed training cases and tests. Your employees will become top-class sellers.

For the Marketing Department:

comprehensive courses to understand all the processes step by step and learn how to do everything masterfully: email newsletters, brand promotion in all social networks, working with content and analytics, attracting traffic and online advertising. What’s more, we give you all the most up-to-date knowledge, taking into account the latest trends and software updates of the world’s leading programs.

For managers, HR Department employees and top managers:

the latest information and the excellent training cases to successfully create and grow teams. How to motivate employees and build processes, develop a business from a startup to a multi-million dollar corporation and from all angles. That means from the success of the negotiations to the pricing policy and strategy development.

And this is not all that Lectera Corp can do for your business! New platform modules are already in development, and we will soon be able to offer even more!
The benefits of Lectera solutions for your business:

A fast payback for training your business staff is the highest ROI (Return on Investment) for business on the market.

The company’s analytical centre monitors the latest trends in the Edtech market.

It’s easy to integrate Lectera into your corporate university through an API (Application Programming Interface).

At your request, Lectera can create bespoke online courses or other educational formats based on your specific needs.

You become a more competitive employer in the market by offering a broader social package to applicants.

Give your best employees the freedom to grow and double your company’s success with Lectera Corp!