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«Learn or Leave the Market. A Practical Guide for Developing Your Career and Your Business»
We'd like to give this book to everyone who needs it:

  • those who have been laid off or lost their jobs;
  • professionals with an extensive working experience who need to figure out how to continue their careers in an unstable market;
  • students who will graduate soon and can't figure out what step they should take when the economy is clearly in ruins;
  • entrepreneurs whose business is near bankruptcy or has already closed;
  • those who face the uncertainty of their professional future.
The Author is Mila Semeshkina
She is a serial entrepreneur, international expert in the field of creating and promoting brands, author of dozens of educational programmes, and the author of the international bestseller Learn or leave the market: A practical guide for developing your career and your business. Moreover, Mila is the creator of the unique Fast Education methodology, CEO and founder of Lectera.com.
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"Learn or leave the market"
— what is the book about?
"Learn or Leave the Market. A Practical Guide for Developing Your Career and Your Business"
The book analyzes the modern labor market and its conditions that have an impact on the life of each individual. It's based on extensive research but written in simple and clear language.

Anyone who has faced challenges in their work can easily understand and apply suggestions it puts forward. It's aimed at those who have stopped developing their careers and growing professionally and can't see a way out. It's aimed at those who have lost their business or job and have no idea what to do next. It's aimed at those who want to find their footing and feel confident even in crisis.
expert studies
specially designed guides to working through challenging situations
daily checklists
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The book has become a bestseller being sold in 40 largest bookshops and chains in Moscow and Russia. The retail price of the book is about 1,000 rubles. In these challenging times, we'd like to give the book to everyone who needs it. All you need is to enter your email address and register — thus, you confirm that you agree to receive the book.
Reviews of other users
"After the divorce I lost my firm footing for a long time. I often changed jobs, worried that I was out of the loop. After a frank conversation with my brother, he recommended me the book "Learn or Leave." I was skeptical about it, but soon changed my mind. Probably, at that time I was already subconsciously ready for change. It seemed that the book was created specifically for me - I found so many answers to my questions. I also liked the overall design of the book, fonts and colorful pictures. The book is a great choice for those who are ready to give themselves another chance for a happy, successful life. I think I will reread it more than once."
"It's hard for me to concentrate on anything. I am quickly losing interest. Reading is particularly difficult, but I force myself to continue. Surprisingly, the book "Learn or Leave" was easier to read. In an understandable language, the author tells useful things that are not taught at the university. I took note of many things for myself. Do not regret the money and time spent. The book will be useful for those who, like me, are still at a crossroads and do not know what to do with their life. It is important to note that the book is useful and generally easy to read. For me, this is especially valuable in literature. In addition, you can read chapters separately, they are not very dependent on one another."
"I was lucky enough to take a Lectera course, and when I learned that the creator had also released a book, I hurried to buy it for myself. It turned out to be a very decent work. The author uses examples to analyze important problems and provides answers to common questions about career and development. In general, I was pleased with the useful information. I got motivated and received such a good kick to action. Before that, I was consumed with fears and doubt, but it turned out to be nothing. Now I know how to start my business. I gave the book to my sister, she liked it too."
"I was always extremely closed and shy. I studied perfectly, got my A's, but didn't exactly talk to many people. This spoiled my relationship with the bosses and colleagues, literally slowed down my career development. I didn't know what to do. Neither psychologists nor trainings were helping. But then I got my hands on the book "Learn or Leave." It gave me the opportunity to boost my communication skills, stop being so closeted, and learn to actually speak without fear. Now I feel different. I'm confident and smart. With this new attitude, I have already found a new job, and now everything is great. I am so grateful to the author!"
"I have been travelling for more than a year. I travel to different countries, meet new people. One day I dropped everything and left the noisy office in which I always felt like a stranger, like I didn't belong. I traveled, rested and just enjoyed myself, but most importantly, I was looking for my place in the world. On my last trip, I took the book "Learn or Leave" with me. I was reading this book while traveling by bus to a small village in India. I couldn't stop reading and then it hit me: it was time for a change. The book is excellent. It is simple, but at the same time provides valuable advice. It helped me put together the last puzzle and realize what I want from life and how I can develop further. This is something incredible, I can't even describe it properly. Thanks to the creators for such a book."
"I really liked the book. The edition is gorgeous, it is easy to hold. And the content is a real candy. A storehouse of knowledge, tips, and practical advice. It will be my desk advisor at different periods of my life. And pictures are just amazing! I have already bought multiple copies for my friends as a gift. Let them also educate themselves, and not waste time. Dear author, you have inspired me. I am already running towards my dream and making huge plans!"
"I have worked all my life in the same company as a simple accountant. There has been no progress in my career for a long time, and I have already forgotten what real development is. After retirement, I missed something new so much, I realized that I had missed a lot. At that critical moment in my life, my daughter gave me the book "Learn or Leave". I was shocked that it turned out to be relevant even for my age! I read it and reread it. I really liked the chapter for employees over 50. It was just what I needed. Quite inspiring material. Now I'm thinking, why don't I master another lucrative profession. It's never too late to start from zero. My thank you's to the author!"
"My best friend is a real careerist, but I'm the opposite. I have always had difficulty finding a job. This friend recommended this book to me, and I decided to read it. How on time it was! I have never read something like this in my life! It's just a treasure trove of valuable content, tips, and examples that help you understand the essense of the problem. I understand that after reading the book, I have a new perspective on development. I have already achieved something after reading it, so the book actually works."
"I got the "Learn or Leave" book as a present. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of motivational literature, because before it seemed to me redundant and identical, but this book changed my perception. Perhaps it fell into my hands at the right time, but it hooked me so much that I spent the whole weekend with the book in my hands. I have been reading and analyzing my life. I wrote out the advice given by the author in a separate notebook so that I could re-read it later. It's a strange feeling, but sometimes you come across such books as "Learn or Leave", which change your mindset, and you realize that they help you develop as a person. Thanks to Lectera for this opportunity."
"I bought the book somewhat spontaneously, but I was not at all disappointed in it. The author expounds complex things in clear and simple language. I learned how to stay in demand as a specialist in times of constant changes in the labor market. After reading, I realized how to develop myself correctly and start earning more. I highly recommend careerists, as well as simply goal-minded people who want more, reading it. Special thanks for the gorgeous illustrations that perfectly complement the book and cheer readers up. I was more than satisfied with the book and now look forward to new products!"
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