A Job in the USA and Canada. Perfect Resume and HR Questions

The best employers in the USA and Canada, tips for creating a resume, recommendations for starting a business in a new country

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What you will get:
Information about the best US and Canadian employers
Instructions for creating the perfect resume
Recommendations for drafting a cover letter
Skill use personal contacts to find work
Check-list "of 50 questions that you should ask the employer to interview"
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About this course
How long have you wanted to move to another country? Are you dreaming of finding a job in the most promising companies in the world? Do you think this is too difficult to implement? Our course is designed to convince you that nothing is impossible.

In this course, you will learn about ways to find a job in the United States and Canada. You will be able to study the specifics of the job market in these countries, learn about the dynamics of supply and demand in different industries, the level of wages.

You will understand how to find a job and obtain citizenship. You will learn the signs to look for when choosing a potential employer. We'll help you craft the perfect resume and short self-talk. You will understand how to get referrals and how to behave during telephone and face-to-face interviews. You will learn how to become an entrepreneur in one of the indicated countries. And, of course, you will find success stories of people who were not afraid to take a step towards their dreams. The knowledge gained in our course will help you make a decision and start moving towards fulfilling your dreams.
Skills you will get:
  • Self-organization
  • Negotiating
Course structure

Lesson 1. Why move to the USA

Statistics tells us that the USA has a large concentration of the companies recognized as the best employers in the world. We’ll talk about these companies in this lesson. You’ll learn some subtleties of the employment process and salary level of the American labor market.

In the additional materials, you’ll find data about minimum hourly rate and salary levels in the USA.

Lesson 2. Why move to Canada

This lesson deals with employment possibilities in Canada. We’ll talk about Canadian economy and its influence on the labor market. We’ll discuss the best employers in Canada and salary levels in the country.

In the additional materials, you’ll find detailed information about the average salary in Canada and a spreadsheet of qualified professions.

Lesson 3. How to write a selling CV for the USA and Canada

Writing a CV is the first step for finding employment in any country. That’s why this lesson is dedicated to its creation. You’ll learn which components an ideal CV should be composed of, you’ll study its structure and its specifics.

Additional materials offer an example of an ideal CV.

Lesson 4. How to write a cover letter to employers in the USA and Canada

In this lesson you’ll learn how to write cover letters to potential employers, which templates to use, and how to describe your advantages using specific examples. You’ll also learn about common mistakes in writing cover letters.

Lesson 5. How to competently enquire about job opportunities within your business circle

You’ll learn how to use your contacts to look for a job ask about a job opening, and how to set up an information session for yourself.

Additionally, you’ll find a strategy for a job search in the USA and Canada, as well as a checklist of 50 questions you should ask your potential employer during an interview.

Lesson 6. How to pitch yourself to a company, and why do it at all

Elevator pitch is a short speech the purpose of which is to sell something. In our case, it is selling yourself as a successful candidate for a job opening. This is what we’ll discuss in this lesson. You’ll learn why you should create a pitch, and how it could help in your job search.

In additional materials, you’ll find a poster with tips for correctly conducting a brain storming session.

Lesson 7. How not to give up when you are very tempted to do it

How to keep up your spirits high if you’ve just learnt that the average time to find a job in the USA or Canada is six months? We’ll discuss it in this lesson. You’ll learn how to stay positive, how to project confidence, and which methods can help you look for a job.

Lesson 8. Your own business as an alternative to a job search

You’ll learn how to start a business in the USA, and which steps to take to open your own company. In the end of this lesson, you’ll understand that everything is possible.
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Osmar Leonel Sierra Armijo
Osmar Leonel Sierra Armijo
Misheck Savado
Misheck Savado
Misheck Savado
Very comprehensive!
This course gave me great opportunity to work on my CV and cover letter. Not only about them bu also some terms and glossary words that i didn't know thanks to them i learnt. I highly recommend this site to my friends