Active Sales. Viable Client Interaction Techniques

Basics of classic and active sales, skill in smart product presentation, removing any client objections

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What you will get:
How to identify customer needs, even if they do not know them yet
The difference between active and passive sales, and how to get the most out of each type
How to find the right approach to any client
The secrets behind an effective product presentation
How to ask the right questions to close a deal with a client
About this course
Imagine that a stranger is standing in front of you right now, and you really need to convince them to make a deal with you. What will you do? Start listing the pros of your product, not letting your opponent get a word in? Unfortunately, this is what most sales managers do.

We will show why you shouldn’t do this, and we will give something better in return. You will learn to reveal your customers’ hidden desires. Moreover, they themselves may well not be aware of them, but there won’t be a single secret left for you.

Active sales will cease to be work for you, but will turn into an exciting game, for which they also pay well. Now meeting new people will not be accompanied by stress, and you will be able to fully reveal your potential at work and in your personal life.
Course structure

Lesson 1. Introduction to sales

Sales never happen from scratch. A person buys a product or service when they have a need that needs to be satisfied. In this lesson, we will talk about the needs a person has, and also analyse the main stages of sales.

Lesson 2. The active sales’ specifics

We will find out what the active sales technique consists of and how deals are most often take place. We will also tell you how active sales differ from passive ones and list the most common mistakes in management.

Lesson 3. Effective sales and customer relationship models

We will learn more about the Sales Circle model, which will help you to generate and close deals. You will also learn what the SCORE model is and upgrade your communication skills with clients. At the end of the lesson, we will explain how successful active sales differ from average ones.

Lesson 4. How to ask a customer questions and present your product

To identify customer needs for the sale, you need to raise different types of questions. They can be open and closed, suggestive and neutral. By skilfully combining them, you will be able to find out everything you need about your customer, and presenting the goods will be a great success.

Lesson 5. AIDA, SNAP and other active sales techniques

In this lesson, we will cover AIDA, SNAP, and other active sales techniques. You will also learn psychological techniques that will help you win a customer over at a crucial moment.

Lesson 6. Cold calls and active listening technique

Cold calls are a sticking point that many sales people stumble upon. We will give you effective scripts, as well as teach unique methods and active listening techniques, with which you will not have problems when selling something by phone.

Lesson 7. Dealing with objections. How to convince a client

Active sales usually include dealing with objections. We will teach you unique algorithms and scripts with which you can easily master this art. We will analyse real-life dialogue examples and you will learn how to behave in various situations.

Lesson 8. How to become the best active sales manager

A sales manager is a person who is open to everything new and is constantly learning something. In the final lesson, we will tell you how to always stay in the groove and grow professionally.