Cold Sales in B2B. Pass the Secretary and Get to the DM

Cold calling principles, recommendations for building a sales funnel, client persuasion and work automation

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What you will get:
Cold calling to set up meetings
Creating a sales plan
How to create a large list of contacts for potential customers
Using the rule of 7 to close a deal
Identifying the key decision maker
About this course
Cold calling is an essential part of your b2b sales strategy. Your phone is an excellent communication method to talk to potential clients, allowing you to reach a large audience in a short amount of time. It’s always easier to talk to partners on the phone, as you can use a ready-made script to answer difficult questions.

By mastering the art of cold calling, you will learn to create demand for almost any kind of product service. But first, you will go through a long journey of learning, trial, and devastating errors. Because we want to help you complete this journey as quickly as possible, we have prepared this educational course covering the art of B2B cold calling.

After this course, each call will become a real gem. Using just one cellphone, you will be able to collect information about your target audience, set business meetings, and even close deals. As an added bonus, this will look like a natural process, and the other person on the line will sincerely believe that they made all the key decisions on their own.
Course structure

Lesson 1. Pick up the phone, or the rules of rapid cold calling

You will learn to create your own successful sales plans. You will also find out about Parkinson’s law and learn to create a list of contacts. Additional materials include a sales plan template and a list of helpful questions to use in cold calls.

Lesson 2. All about sales funnels

We will define the concept of a sales funnel and show you how to collect statistics and apply the Rule of 7. We will also discuss different types of clients and give you advice on using the phone in your work. In addition, you will receive an example of an automated system using the Rule of 7.

Lesson 3. Getting past the secretary and getting an answer from the decision-maker

Cold calls are often ineffective because managers have trouble directly reaching key decision-makers. In this lesson, we will tell you how you can get past the secretary in your cold calls and receive positive feedback from the decision-maker.

Lesson 4. Voicemail and alternative methods of communication

In this lesson, we will talk about the methods of communication you can use to reach the decision-maker. You will learn to use email and text messaging like a pro and find out about the benefits of voicemail. We will talk about social media pages led by influential people and discuss alternative methods of reaching them. In addition, we will give you a message template that you can send to clients.

Lesson 5. Answering client objections and applying methods of persuasion

Any product or service is purchased to satisfy a certain customer pain point. In this lesson, we will teach you to identify other people’s hidden needs and work with them. We will also talk about methods of persuasion which will help you overcome the customer’s objections and make them more receptive to your pitch.

Lesson 6. Straight to the point: the best cold calling scripts

A variety of scripts can be used for cold calling. Each client is an individual, so you should never use the same approach with everyone. That’s why we will introduce several popular approaches that can be applied to conversations with clients. You will learn about conversation templates that will help you in most situations.

Lesson 7. The numbers game and useful tools

Sales statistics are important for all companies, which is why all sales managers should know how to work with them. We will teach you the correct way to do this and introduce you to some helpful plugins and instruments that will make your cold calls more effective.

Lesson 8. The best CRM and Excel databases for cold calls

We will discuss CRM systems and what sets them apart from AmoCRM. You will also learn to use Hubspot CRM, Freshsales and other popular instruments. Finally, you will learn to track your cold calls and work with client databases in Excel.

Lesson 9. Work and play: how to motivate yourself and your clients

In our final lesson, we will teach you to motivate yourself to reach new heights and explain why gamification is important in business. Additional materials include a helpful book