Business accounting: methods of organization of internal processes

Brief history and basic principles of accounting, organization of accounting, financial and management accounting


What you will get:

You will explore the role of accounting in business.
You will learn the basic principles of accounting.
You will get a checklist for small business accounting.
You will study financial and management accounting.
You will study the main indicators of business profitability.
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About this course

What is accounting based on, and what is its essence?

It serves as the basis for monitoring the activities of any enterprise and is necessary for a thorough study of the financial condition of the company. Accounting is difficult to learn, however, our online course will help you master the basics!

In the process of training, you will learn what accounting is for, its types, and its purpose. We will tell you how to choose a qualified accountant based on the company's profile and amount of work, and how to optimize accounting costs. You will understand which accounting programs must be purchased, and which can be abandoned. You will also study international rules and principles of accounting, analyze the basic ideas about taxation and auditing.

The knowledge gained will help you control the monetary processes and increase the level of income, and you will be able to successfully develop your own business and achieve success.

Course structure

Lesson 1. Organization of accounting for your business

10:03 min
In this lesson, you will learn a brief history of accounting. You will also consider its basic principles and role in business.

Additionally, you will learn how accountants differ from financiers.

Lesson 2. Financial and management accounting

12:19 min
This lesson focuses on financial and management accounting. You will learn how to properly draw up information in these accounts to get the most out of it.

In the supplementary materials, you will learn about double-entry, a method of accounting, in which each change in the state of the organization's funds is reflected in two accounts.

Lesson 3. Accounting in the company

9:59 min
In this lesson, you will look at the intricacies of accounting. You will be told about the types and methods of accounting. You will learn how to hire a good accountant in a company, or how to keep accounting yourself with the help of automation systems for accounting, tax, and management accounting.

Additionally, you will learn why outsourcing accounting is the best algorithm for scaling a business. You will also receive a checklist for small business accounting.

Lesson 4. International Accounting Rules and Principles

7:14 min
This lesson focuses on international accounting rules and principles. You will be told why the business needs public reporting.

In the supplementary materials, you will receive and analyze an example of calculating the tax on accounting profits on the principle of compliance.

Lesson 5. Principles of taxation and audit

8:16 min
In this lesson, you will consider taxation and auditing. You will understand that the right choice of taxation will help you not to get bogged down in reports and not to incur losses. You will also learn why it is important to conduct an internal audit.

In the supplementary materials, you will study the information and understand the difference between internal and external audits.