CJM and Service Blueprint in Service Design

Learning to understand real customer needs and improve user experience using CJM and Service Blueprint

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What you will get:

Study service design methodology
Explore the main types of maps — CJM and Service blueprint
Find out what goals you can achieve by drawing up maps
Understand the essence of CJM and learn what issues it can help you solve
Determine who your customer is: what they like, what they want, what difficulties they face, and what problems your product will help them solve

About this course

Do you want to learn how to see the real needs of customers, increase sales, and improve user experience? Then you should definitely study service design. And you can do this with our new online course!

This methodology focuses on designing and improving interactions between businesses and people. It is all about understanding consumer needs, aiming to organise business resources in such a way that the process of purchasing goods and services is as simple and enjoyable as possible for the customer. Service design reveals the actual customer experience and highlights challenges to overcome. The information obtained helps companies change their approach and influence performance in any part of the business.

You can see the effect of service design in specific metrics:

It boosts the quality of user support and increases user satisfaction (NPS, CSI, CES).

It increases conversion to repeat purchases and raises LTV.

It reduces the cost of attracting new customers and retaining old ones.

This course works for a company of any focus and size. The most famous adherents of service design are giants such as Apple, Airbnb, PepsiCo, Netflix, and IBM. Yet now, more than ever, the market is overflowing with goods and services. For a consumer to choose your product, you need to find a way to fit into their life and create a successful customer experience. How do you do it? You need to learn to care about the customer. The better you understand them, the closer you are willing to study the entire process from getting to know the company to making a purchase, and the more variations you have to make your product better. During the training, you will become familiar with two common and proven service design tools — the customer journey map and the service blueprint. They will help you conduct a qualitative analysis of customer experience and internal company processes to create a successful service. By applying new knowledge, you will be able to stand out from your competitors.

Course structure

Lesson 1. Customer Journey Map and Service blueprint in service design

20:02 min
1 quiz
1 case

Service design is a methodology that aims to design and improve interactions between businesses and people. It focuses on understanding consumer needs and helps organise company resources in such a way that the process of purchasing goods and services is as simple and enjoyable as possible for the customer. In this lesson, you will learn what service design is for. You will also explore common and proven service design tools — the CJM and the service blueprint. Furthermore, you will find out what goals you can achieve using mapping and review the main types of maps, as well as features of CJM and service blueprint. We will teach you the general features and basic elements of the maps with an emphasis on CJM and SB.

Additionally, you will learn how to draw up maps and diagrams yourself.

Lesson 2. What is a CJM?

7:19 min
1 quiz
1 case

The Customer Journey Map helps you identify opportunities to innovate, break down barriers, bring into the dialogue, and create values that keep customers coming back to your product or service. In this lesson, you will see what CJM is about, what problems it can help you solve, and what this map looks like.

Additionally, you will review the elements of CJM. You will also be able to fill out a CJM template for your product and highlight the issues you would like to solve.

Lesson 3. The customer

10:23 min
1 quiz
1 case

In any business, it is essential to understand what you are offering, to whom, and why you are doing it. After all, not everyone is ready to become your real customer. You should have a clear answer to questions about who your customer is, what they like, what they want, what difficulties they face, and what problems they can solve using your product. You create your entire business around the consumer, so they will be at the centre of your Customer Journey Map. This lesson focuses on one of the key components of the map — the customer. You will learn whether the “average” customer is suitable for CJM monitoring. Moreover, you will see that customers have completely different needs and problems and find out what criteria to segment customers by.

Additionally, you will study the 5W segmentation model. You will also be able to choose your own criteria for segmenting your customers and identify target audiences.

Lesson 4. "The product

8:04 min
1 quiz
1 case

Once you have segmented your target audience and created detailed customer profiles, you can move on to the next stage of building a Customer Journey Map — combining this data with information about consumer behaviour when facing the product. In this lesson, you will find out what you need to accomplish this. You will learn how to identify customer behaviour stages, journey map sections, customer goals, and points of interaction with the product.

Additionally, you will be able to construct the ideal path for your product, divide it into stages and identify points of interaction.

Lesson 5. Researching customer experience

12:11 min
1 quiz
1 case

The better you know your customers and potential buyers, the easier it is to offer them a quality product that meets their needs. People act irrationally. Their actions are influenced by emotions and subjective beliefs. Understanding what customers like about your product and service and what influences their purchasing decisions is an important and challenging task. In this lesson, you will discover how to research customer experiences. You will review the steps that are important to take to get a real picture of how customers interact with your product or service.

Additionally, you will receive sample customer interview questions.

Lesson 6. Service blueprint

8:40 min
1 quiz
1 case

You already know how to analyse the customer experience and see opportunities for improvement using the Customer Journey Map. After completing this lesson, you will realise how to put them into practice. You will understand that customer service is a complex multi-level process that is built around your product or service. It consists of many people, technologies and tools that work or do not work together to achieve set goals. You will study a service design tool like Service blueprint. It will help you see what the customer service process consists of and should include to meet the needs of the business, customers and employees.

Additionally, you will study the key elements of the Service blueprint tool.


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