CPA Marketing — An Effective Model for Making Money Online

Studying one of the most effective advertising models for online promotion

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What you will get:
Explore the top trends in influencer marketing
Find out how to choose a blogger for collaboration
Review case studies from Perfluence and gain invaluable experience
Analyse the CPA model and understand how you can earn with it
Learn to apply the CPA model in your personal practice
About this course
In 2021, 75% of advertisers budgeted for influencer marketing. In addition, Statista predicts that influencer revenues will reach $14 billion by the end of the year. Since the start of the pandemic, the market has more than doubled (it was estimated at $6.9 billion in 2019). Interestingly, the growth took place in the midst of a crisis in the rest of the advertising market. After all, in the first year of the pandemic alone, it lost 7.5% of its volume.

This data suggests that influencer marketing is becoming one of the most popular areas in the job market. So, if you want to start developing in this area, you need to learn some nuances. This is where our new online course comes along. Thanks to the CPA (cost per action) model, you will be able to increase your earnings many times over, even if you are still new to this. This is a pay-per-performance model. In this course, you will learn how it works. Working by CPA is a market trend, an understandable type of cooperation for both a blogger and an advertiser. The effectiveness of CPA integration is easy to evaluate based on economic indicators. Therefore, the allocated budgets for CPA are larger than for less transparent CPP (cost per point).

The CPA model will help blogging become a structured advertising marketplace with standardised processes and performance metrics. These changes will be painful for those who are used to just selling ad space and not taking any responsibility for the result. Yet, for everyone else, they will open up new growth areas. Those bloggers who start working by the CPA model today and learn how to place such ads will have a great advantage over their colleagues in the short term. Become one of them with our online course!
Course structure

Lesson 1. Key influencer marketing trends

In this lesson, you will be able to learn the main influencer marketing trends. You will also take a closer look at the case of the company Perfluence promotion. Additionally, you will find out about the micro-influencers' points of influence on marketing and receive instructions to help you correlate the influencer and the business niches.

Lesson 2. Criteria for an ideal blogger to collaborate with

In this lesson, you will discover how a committed advertiser evaluates whether it is possible to collaborate with a blogger. Additionally, you will learn what metrics you can use to assess the effectiveness of influencer marketing.

Lesson 3. The CPA model, and how to make money with it

In this lesson, you will learn about a collaboration model that will allow you to earn even if the blogger does not have more than 10,000 subscribers, and to transparently evaluate the return on investment. In the additional materials, you will find an affiliate programmes network scheme. Moreover, you will receive a checklist to help you determine if you can work by the CPA model.

Lesson 4. How to promote a product with content

This lesson focuses on what content can make an advertising campaign even more effective. Additionally, you will be able to explore nine SMM trends for retail and e-commerce.

Lesson 5. Affiliate marketing as a way for bloggers to increase their income

This lesson will help you figure out how to increase your income. Here's a spoiler: it's not about the number of followers. In the additional materials, you will learn how to be more persuasive as a blogger.

Lesson 6. Affiliate marketing: analysing the key advantages and beginner mistakes

In the final lesson of the course, you will explore the key benefits of affiliate marketing and find out how to avoid making mistakes in it. In the additional materials, you will find recommendations for choosing the right affiliate network.
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