Creating YouTube Content. Light, Space, Equipment, Editing

Content for YouTube: explore technical features

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What you will get:

Knowledge of the technical features of the different shooting formats
Checklist creating content for YouTube
Tips for proper operation with the light when shooting video
Skill organization for filming space
List of the necessary equipment for creating a video

About this course

Our course will prove that it is within your power to shoot high-quality videos that collect thousands of likes. It will be useful for both novice bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to make their brand popular through useful or funny videos. Even if you are not yet ready to publish your work on YouTube, but want to learn how to create it, you are welcome!

In our lessons you will learn how choose a location for shooting a video or equip a studio right at home, which must be taken into account in terms of sound insulation and background.

We will teach you how to properly set up lighting, and what devices you will need it for this. You will learn how to choose equipment and software for creating and processing video, as well as form a film crew.

Of course, we will share with you tips for practical shooting: which there should be a frame rate, where to get music, how to choose plans and much more. We will devote one lesson to editing and programs that will make your work easier. At the end of the course, we'll talk about two unusual video formats: panoramic videos and virtual reality videos.
Skills you will get:
  • SMM
  • Project management
  • Video shooting

Course structure

Lesson 1. Video genres

19:15 min
1 additional material
1 quiz
1 case
The first lesson in the course will help you determine what exactly you want to film for your channel. You’ll learn about YouTube genres. They allow the viewer to understand what the video will be about. You will learn technical differences of shooting in different formats.

Additionally, we are offering you a planner where you can write down ideas for your content.

Lesson 2. A Location for filming

10:13 min
1 additional material
1 quiz
1 case
In this lesson, you’ll learn to choose a location for filming your YouTube video, you’ll examine different location types, learn how to set up a studio at home, and how to achieve a good sound quality in your video. We’ll tell you which gear you’ll need for filming.

Additionally, we are offering you a checklist for creating YouTube content.

Lesson 3. Adjusting your lighting

10:24 min
2 additional material
1 quiz
1 case
In this lesson, you’ll learn why the lighting is so important for filming. We’ll discuss lighting types and its basic settings. You’ll examine the rules for working with the light and learn to distinguish devices used for it.

Additionally, you’ll find some advice for choosing correct light settings while filming a video.

Lesson 4. How to choose your gear and the software for making videos

10:52 min
1 additional material
1 quiz
1 case
If you want to make truly high-quality content you’ll need the appropriate gear. In this lesson, we’ll discuss in detail the technical side of video making. You’ll learn which equipment is better to use, and what software there is for editing.

In the additional materials, you’ll find a spreadsheet that you can use to write down all the equipment that you’ll need for filming.

Lesson 5. Assembling your filming crew

11:38 min
1 additional material
1 quiz
1 case
This lesson is dedicated to assembling your filming crew. A cohesive team is a key for the rapid growth of your channel’s popularity. You’ll learn where to find the right people, how to manage conflicts in your team, and how to organize collective work.

In the additional materials, you’ll learn when to assemble and when to amplify your team.

Lesson 6. How to film better videos

9:13 min
3 additional material
1 quiz
1 case
In this lesson you’ll get recommendations for improving the quality of your footage. We’ll talk about camera stabilization, aperture settings, and other details; we’ll recommend you the best software for video editing, and websites where you can find some music for your videos.

Additionally, we’ll introduce you to the five typical mistakes that could be the reason why the viewer might not like your videos. And as a bonus, you’ll get a planner where you can write down song titles that you use in your videos. We’ll also share with you some examples of three main camera shot types.

Lesson 7. How to edit videos

9:43 min
1 additional material
1 quiz
1 case
In this lesson, we are discussing the subtleties of video editing. You’ll learn the stages of this process, and you’ll get the list of the six best video editing software programs. We’ll also tell you how to learn professional video editing.

Additional materials feature a planner where you could write down websites, applications or books used in video making.

Lesson 8. 360 Videos and VR

10:17 min
1 additional material
1 quiz
1 case
Panoramic videos and VR become more popular nowadays, as they are based on using cutting-edge technology. In our final lesson, you’ll learn everything about these unusual genres and what equipment is used in them.

In the additional materials, you’ll find some advice on uploading your 360 video to YouTube.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate in your email. It will confirm the knowledge and skills you will have acquired.



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