Diversity and Inclusivity: Implementing DEI in the Company

How to implement the top corporate culture development trend in your business

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What you will get:

Study trends in corporate culture development
Consider the impact of DEI on your business
Learn how to prepare your company for changes in corporate culture
Explore the steps to implement the new DEI strategy
Discover how to measure results and improve further

About this course

More and more successful companies are striving to become an example of diversity and spread a culture of caring for all social groups. So, is it a new trend or working technologies that bring companies to completely new levels? Today, the solution lies in implementing the DEI (diversity, equity, inclusivity) policy. Accenture surveyed 18,000 employees from 27 countries and found that a culture of equality in the workplace increases innovative thinking and leads to economic efficiency in all industries and countries. It boosts these figures by six or more times! Equity is the driver of innovation and profit growth. Yes, this is true.

In such an environment, employees are trusted, they are given the freedom to express themselves, be creative and experiment, and learn and work flexibly. There is no bias towards people's character. Acceptance and recognition are the key conditions for the harmonious development of the individual's personality and the disclosure of all potential. In this course, you will learn how to determine if your company is ready for such changes. Moreover, you will develop a strategy and plan for implementing DEI.

Course structure

Lesson 1. What is DE&I? Trends

11:11 min
1 additional material
1 quiz
Nowadays, creating a safe psychological environment is a major business trend. More and more businesses around the world are thinking about ways to reduce staffing costs. They want to increase employee engagement and reduce the outflow of labour resources. There is a solution, and it lies in implementing the DEI policy.In this lesson, you will learn what DEI is and why you need to strive to maintain world standards and implement the DEI policy in your company today.An example from the additional materials will help you better understand the DEI culture.

Lesson 2. Preparing corporate culture

13:30 min
1 quiz
The aim of DEI in business is to show that all employees are different and that everyone is free to be who they are and who they want to be. Your employees want to work in a comfortable corporate environment, so your primary goal is to create it in the office. Nevertheless, any changes can lead to resistance from employees. However, this resistance can be overcome if you support your subordinates. In this lesson, you will receive guidelines to help you prepare your corporate culture for DEI.

Lesson 3. Diagnostics before the introduction of DE&I culture

9:44 min
3 additional material
1 quiz
1 case
To correctly set your DEI goals, you must first explore the current state of your company. For this, you should learn how to run diagnostics.In this lesson, you will discover how to analyse your company before implementing DEI.Additionally, you will learn the five rules for conducting inclusive meetings and receive recommendations for resolving conflicts in the workplace. You will also find an example of a survey to help you determine how comfortable employees feel working in your company.

Lesson 4. Actors: top management, DEI department, DEI expert

10:25 min
3 additional material
1 quiz
1 case
Are you ready to implement the DEI culture in your company, but don't know which employee should be doing it? In this lesson, you will learn who should be tasked with developing a DEI strategy, how to set up a DEI department, and whether you need a DEI expert.

Additionally, you will receive a sample survey to help you run diagnostics of your company before developing a DEI strategy. You will also get a survey template to help you track the mental state of your employees and see if they notice the implementation of diversity and inclusivity in the company.

Lesson 5. Actors — HR department. How to hire employees within DEI

10:26 min
1 additional material
1 quiz
1 case
Why can the most real change start with recruiting? Actually, not only does your company choose its employees, but people also choose the companies to work for. Today's job seekers are interested in jobs that value DEI. In this lesson, you will find out how to hire employees while supporting DEI.

In the additional materials, you will find a list of DEI expert competencies.

Lesson 6. Implementation and monitoring

10:52 min
2 additional material
1 quiz
1 case
DEI measures should be geared towards equality and inclusivity, but they cannot be achieved simply by involving the HR department and increasing numbers. Inclusivity is a crucial step that gets underestimated, yet diversity and equality will fail without it. In this lesson, we discuss how to best implement the DEI values in your company and how to monitor results.Additionally, you will receive a list of DEI-related questions that you can ask candidates during the interview. You will also learn how to create the perfect job offering according to DEI.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate in your email. It will confirm the knowledge and skills you will have acquired.



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