Education as a Skill. Tool for Development and Career Growth

Effective techniques and self-development skills, build a personal path of development and analysis of results

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What you will get:
Get a guide to overcome procrastination in learning
Learn how to conduct a critical analysis of information
Explore the concept of "learning to learn"
Understand how to implement a continuous process of learning in their lives
Identify your penchant for a particular learning style
About this course
<div> How to learn? There is so much information in the modern world, and every day it becomes more and more. Therefore, more and more often there are thoughts about how effectively we use this data. The main trend in recent years is education. Many strive to go forward and master new things. But it is not always possible to determine what information is really useful, and, most importantly, how to use it correctly. </div> <div> <br /> </div> <div> How not to get lost in the gigantic arrays of knowledge and information surrounding you? How to determine which of them are really needed and useful, and which can be dispensed with? How can you learn to quickly find the information you need and structure it? How to make the density of information flow work for you, and not interfere with your life? </div> <div> <br /> </div> <div> What to do when there are problems with motivation in the middle of the journey? How to understand what a decline in interest signals: about the next frontier, before which you just need to push a little, or about the fact that the chosen direction needs to be adjusted? How to create initial motivation for learning? </div> <div> <br /> </div> <div> You will find the answers to all these questions in our course! You will learn how to make learning a part of your life, get all the necessary tools in order to make this process effective. They will tell you about learning styles and how to determine your own inclination towards one of them. You will analyze a personal development plan and learn how to manage self-education processes. We will also tell you how to plan your studies correctly, how to achieve educational goals and become a professional in a field that interests you. You will learn how to make learning more efficient with special techniques and how to deal with procrastination. </div> <div> <br /> </div> <div> Our course will give you one simple idea: learning is great ... The acquired skills will help you make the process of self-education enjoyable and interesting, as well as open the way for you to achieve your wildest desires. </div>
Course structure

Lesson 1. How to learn to learn

In the first lesson of our course, we will talk about the concept of “Learning-to-Learn”. You will understand how to implement the process of constant learning in your life, what is worth learning, and how adult learning differs from children's.

In the supplementary materials, you will find key characteristics of lifelong learning and 9 universal principles of super education. You will also study the material “How online courses can improve your life”.

Lesson 2. Choose a learning style

This lesson focuses on learning styles. You'll learn what they are, how to determine your propensity for a particular style, and how to master other approaches to learning.

In the supplementary materials, you will find instructions on how to define your learning style, as well as learn the preferred ways of communication by your style.

Lesson 3. Map of target skills

In this lesson, we will analyze the plan of personal development, and how to manage your educational trajectory. You'll learn how to map targeted skills and a personal learning plan.

In addition to the lesson, we have prepared for you a guide to creating a skill map and a system of continuous learning. You will also be able to learn the algorithm for filling the “Wheel of Skills” and consider the model of universal skills.

Lesson 4. Self-learning as a project

In this lesson, you will receive recommendations for planning self-learning. You will learn how to turn the learning process into a project, and how to get the necessary skills in a short time. You will also be told how to become a professional in a field that is interesting to you.

In the supplementary materials, you will find a list of questions that will help you determine your learning achievements. You will be able to learn the instructions on how to make a boring subject interesting.

Lesson 5. How to achieve the goal of learning

In this lesson, you will learn how to set your educational goals and achieve them. You will be told how the learning curve works. You will receive tips on overcoming stagnation in learning.

In the supplementary materials, you will find a list of questions for reflection, as well as a guide to taming procrastination in the study.

Lesson 6. Effective learning

In the final lesson, you will learn how to make learning more effective. You will be told what the SQ3Rstrategyis, and how to apply it for reading. You will also understand how to read literature with maximum benefit, and what contributes to the memorization of information.

In the supplementary materials, you will be able to study 7 key errors in learning, as well as learn how to conduct a critical analysis of information.
Héctor John Arias Icho
Héctor John Arias Icho
Héctor John Arias Icho
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