Emotional Intelligence. Becoming Happier and Faster To Succeed

Practical exercises and techniques aimed at strengthening your emotional intelligence skills

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What you will get:
How to select the right approach for each person
The origins of emotions
Instruments for building awareness
The universal laws of emotions
How to develop empathy and build strong relationships
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About this course
Being able to find something in common with others and predict their actions is definitely an unusual skill that can be applied in all areas of your life. But what should you do if you weren’t born with this skill? The answer is obvious: you need to develop these qualities on your own.

In this course, you will find out how to take your emotional intelligence to new heights within a short period of time. You will learn to practically read other people’s minds, understanding even their most hidden motives. But most importantly, you will get to know yourself better, accepting both your strengths and weaknesses.
Skills you will get:
  • Assertiveness
  • Self-motivation
  • Stress management
  • Self-regulation
  • Empathy
  • Flexibility of thinking
Course structure

Lesson 1. The anatomy of emotions

Our mood is never stable for long: happiness is often replaced by stress, while unhappiness can quickly change to tranquility. Why does this happen? Are our emotions completely driven by external factors, or should we look inside for the answer? In this lesson, we will discuss the foundation of our emotions while touching on memory and affective states. You will also receive several useful exercises that will help you develop self-awareness.

Lesson 2. Emotions and how they affect us

We will continue our quest for the source of our mood. We will talk about emotional agitation and intense distress, and we will also discover the difference between sthenic and asthenic emotions. You will learn about the 4 laws of emotions and practice the STOP exercise.

Lesson 3. Emotional intelligence competencies

We will talk about emotional intelligence and discover which categories and components it is based on. You will learn about the importance of self-regulation, motivation, and empathy, and start mastering these social skills. This lesson will feature several useful exercises to practice these skills.

Lesson 4. Developing emotional intelligence

In this lesson, we will discuss methods of developing emotional intelligence. We will introduce an exercise that will help you manage your emotions and an emotion journal that you will learn to keep. As an example, we will talk about several everyday situations and tell you how you should react in each case.

Lesson 5. Techniques for living through emotions

To successfully control and manage your emotions, you should learn to live through them. In this lesson, we will share several techniques that will enable you to quickly overcome negative emotions and open up to new experiences. We will also talk about different methods of managing your mental health, such as training sessions and psychotherapy. We will also try out some new exercises.

Lesson 6. The role of emotional intelligence at work and in career growth

You will learn to apply emotional intelligence to your career. You can achieve this by expanding your worldview through several new exercises. We will also explain the connection between emotions and efficiency and teach you to build relationships with your colleagues.

Lesson 7. Emotional intelligence in business and management

Developing emotional intelligence can help you to achieve success in business. This lesson will teach you to apply the materials of the previous lessons to successfully move up the career ladder. By learning to understand the people around you and their emotions, you will become a stellar leader.

Lesson 8. Using emotional intelligence to become more powerful and make dreams come true

In our final lesson, we will explain the ways that emotional intelligence can make you more powerful and help you make your greatest dreams come true. But you can’t achieve your goals unless you define them first. You can do this by following the tips in this lesson. We will also teach you to stand your ground and move forward without fearing any obstacles.

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