Business Without Mistakes. Financial Literacy and MLM

Network companies' features, tips on passive income formation, network marketing specifics

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What you will get:
You will master efficient anti-fraud protection methods
You will learn how to choose the right company for your network business
You will study the financial literacy rules
You will learn to draw up a personal financial plan
You will start to apply trending technologies of compensation financial plans
About this course
Network marketing is a concept that will help you invest your time and money correctly and become a successful entrepreneur. Future assets will give you more leeway and a high stable income. In order to choose the most effective strategy, you need to dive into the details. Our course will help you with this! We will tell you all about network marketing and explain the basics of financial literacy so that you can build a successful career in the network business.

You will learn how to distinguish a real network company from a pyramid scheme to avoid fraud. You will study the elements of network marketing that are found in everyday life around you. You will explore the linear type of marketing plan in detail, as well as the matrix, multistage and most controversial type — the binary one.

We will devote part of the course to the passive income formation, which will make your life way easier and expand your horizons. At the end of the course, we will discuss the international features of network business and look at the statistics and specifics of network marketing in different countries all over the world.

The acquired skills will help you become financially literate in all matters related to network business. This means that you are on the path to success!
Course structure

Lesson 1. How to distinguish a network business from the Ponzi scheme

In this lesson, you will learn how to distinguish a network company from a pyramid scheme. You will study a number of signs by which you can identify cons and fraudsters, and understand what to look for when choosing a suitable network business.

In additional materials, you can study the instructions on how to protect yourself from fraud. You will also learn what signs to look for to recognize a financial pyramid.

Lesson 2. Network marketing within other business models

In this lesson, you will find out how some MLM elements have taken root in the traditional business.

In additional materials, you will find instructions on how to choose the right network business company.

Lesson 3. Linear marketing plan in the network business

This lesson focuses on analyzing the linear marketing plan. You will find out what bonuses it offers and what flaws it hides. You will study the tasks that any marketing plan solves.

In additional materials, you will find 9 financial literacy rules.

Lesson 4. Matrix and multistage marketing plans

In this lesson, you will continue to explore the marketing plan specifics. You will dwell in more detail on the matrix and multistage plans, study their system, bonuses, and operation.

In additional materials, you will learn how to create a personal financial plan.

Lesson 5. Binary marketing plan

In this lesson, you will find out more about a binary marketing plan. You will understand how it differs from the previous types and what advantages and disadvantages you need to be prepared for, if you decide to choose it.

In additional materials, you will be able to explore trending compensation plan technologies.

Lesson 6. Passive income: secure your future

You will learn how passive income is generated and what sources of income you can count on to get it. You will understand what the stability of your income in the network business depends on, as well as how to achieve success in this business and compete with a high-quality product.

In additional materials, we have prepared information on the bonus incentive system.

Lesson 7. International features of network marketing

In the final lesson, you will see how network marketing works around the world. You will study the statistics of India, China, the USA and Russia — this will allow you to take into account all the international features and prospects of network marketing.

Additional materials include information on how to self-test the efficiency of a network business company.
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