Finding a Job in Israel. Networking or Repatriate Courses

How to get a work visa, all information about salaries and jobs in-demand, tips for creating a network

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What you will get:
An opportunity to change your standard of living.
A detailed list of documents required for a work visa.
Information about the salary levels in Israel.
The list of the most in-demand professions in Israel.
The skill of creating a local network.
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About this course
Our world is changing daily. Needless to say that many people are considering changing their country of residence due to different crises. If you are asking yourself similar questions, this course will help you. Here you will learn about one of the most promising countries for moving: Israel. This country has traditionally been among the countries with the best conditions for highly qualified specialists, as well as among the countries with the most innovative economy and offices of high-tech companies.

We’ll let you into the many subtleties of looking for a job in Israel. You’ll learn about the most sought after professions and salary levels. You will be able to create your own networking community that will help you gain new connections. Together we’ll discuss additional difficulties and possibilities that await you in this country.

With our help, you’ll be able to find your dream job in one of the most promising countries in the world!
Skills you will get:
  • Negotiating
Course structure

Lesson 1. Lesson 1. Why you should move to Israel

The first lesson is dedicated to the topic of moving to Israel. You’ll learn everything about the most sought after professions and salary levels in this country. We we’ll discuss possibilities of getting a work visa for Israel and review the documents required to apply for job openings.

Lesson 2. Lesson 2. Creating your local network

We’ll talk about creating a local network which is very important for a successful life in Israel. You’ll realize that this step will help you accelerate the process of getting used to the new country. You’ll be able to gain useful connections and find your dream job.

Lesson 3. Lesson 3. Five steps for getting up to 28 job offers a month in Israel

Any new connection in a new country is not only a chance to find an interesting job opening but also an opportunity to find a friend or a partner. In this lesson, we will talk about creating your CV and getting a job offer in Israel. You’ll get a specific action plan, learn what to expect during an interview, and how to negotiate the most beneficial working terms with your employer.

Lesson 4. Lesson 4. Government-sponsored courses for repatriates, with further employment in Israel

You’ll learn what government-sponsored courses for repatriates are, and what you need to do to enroll in them. We’ll examine the process of employment in Israel, review the requirements for the applicants to get the support of the state, and discuss how this support is carried out.

Lesson 5. Lesson 5. Additional difficulties and opportunities for employment

In the final lesson we will discuss additional difficulties you might face, and how to make your job search as simple as possible. You’ll learn how to prepare your documents for finding work in Israel, and how to validate your academic degrees and diplomas.