Finding Your Dream Job. A Complete Guide to Getting Hired

To build a resume and pass an interview, to get the best offer and fit in a team - change your job in one course

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What you will get:
How to change your job effectively, without compromising
Boosting your value on the labor market
How to ‘sell’ your best qualities and skills
The secrets of a perfect resume and cover letter
Employer expectations and how to meet them
About this course
Each of us once has to do a job search. For many, it’s stressful. There are several reasons for this: lack of awareness of the modern job market, lack of understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and inability to communicate with a potential employer.

Meanwhile, it is very important for a person to find their place in life. Having found a good job, they begin to seek new heights in creativity and relationships with other people. The converse is also true: having trouble with finding a job, we cannot be effective in other areas of life.

In this course, we will tell you how to find a dream job, and let you into all the details of the modern job market. With this knowledge, you can not only significantly increase your earnings, but also fully reveal yourself as a person and start living the life you have always dreamed about.
Course structure

Lesson 1. What is the modern job market and how to find your place in it

We will find out how to understand whether your job is worth changing. We will learn to do it right. You will learn what signals it is worth paying attention to when deciding to change jobs, you will be able to increase your chances of finding a new job and you will see how the job market works.

Lesson 2. How to sell your personal brand and where to look for work. Marketing plan to promote yourself

We will figure out how to create a high-quality personal brand and sell it to the employer. You will learn useful marketing techniques and find out how they can “promote” your job application to the very top. We will also draw up a career map and learn more about modern job search techniques.

Lesson 3. Your resume works for you

We will learn to write a resume in a way that will appeal to most employers. You will discover what key skills and personal qualities they pay attention to, and learn to evaluate yourself through the eyes of a recruiter. We will also talk about social media and information that is best kept secret.

Lesson 4. Cover letter: manual

We will see step by step how to write a cover letter to your resume. You will learn what parts it consists of and what you should tell about yourself in it. We will also tell you what to do if you have been looking for work for a long time, and how to look for work if you have not quit yet.

Lesson 5. Interview: how to get a dream job. Part 1

A full-scale preparation for your interview begins! You will learn how to pass an interview successfully. Separately, we will tell you about interviews conducted by phone and Skype. We will teach you how to behave, and you won’t have problems with any type of interview.

Lesson 6. Interview: how to get a dream job. Part 2

We will discuss what questions are asked at an interview and how you should answer them. You will also learn what to check with your employer and how to discuss salary expectations properly. After completing this lesson, you will be able to get out easily of even the most awkward and tricky situation.

Lesson 7. Feedback, an ideal candidate and professional tests - your interview through the eyes of a recruiter

You will learn how to prepare for an interview with your employer, and you will become an ideal candidate for employment. We will also discuss professional tests and feedback after passing an interview.

Lesson 8. You received an offer – how to embrace the corporate culture and impress everyone on your first day

We will find out how to spend your first day at work perfectly and get on well with colleagues. We will also talk about corporate culture in the company, and you will receive a number of tips that will help you blend in.

Lesson 9. What awaits the job market in the near future

In the final lesson of the course, we will talk about the features of the job market. You will learn how its situation is changing and what professions are most in demand. We will also discuss demand, competition and tell you how the modern job market will change by 2030.

Mary Fátima Rivas
Mary Fátima Rivas
Mary Fátima Rivas
Excelente contenido. Ubica muy bien en el contexto laboral
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gabriel cruz
gabriel cruz
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This cours is very fantastic. Excellent cours.Thank you so much Teacher , thank you so much LECTERA .