Home Time Management. Maximum Personal Efficiency

Methods of life organization, search for energy sources, infoglut removal and setting achievable goals.

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What you will get:

Effective ways to optimize everyday life
Secrets of replenishing feminine energy
Life hacks for successful business planning
Useful habits formation
Getting rid of Internet addiction and a digital detox

About this course

Time is the most valuable resource we have. Any businessman who runs a profitable company, or a politician who governs a state understands that. Each of them efficiently applies a valuable skill, which is time management. This skill is just as important for a woman, because her house is like a small state she takes care of, making sure it is tidy and comfortable. Yet, keep in mind that the lady of the house, among other things, pursues a career, raises children and would like to dedicate some time to herself as well.

In this course you will learn how to effectively manage everything in your everyday life, you will be able to get rid of information overload, learn how to set goals correctly, how to replenish your feminine energy, and become successful and productive. Master home time management, clean up your house and life!
Skills you will get:
  • Time management
  • Prioritization
  • Self-regulation
  • Self-organization
  • Delegation
  • Introspection

Course structure

Lesson 1. Restoring order to your home and organizing household chores

25:42 min
1 quiz
1 case
In this lesson we will take the first step towards restoring order in life - we will clean up the house. You will learn how to optimize the space and make sure that no trash accumulates in your home. We will look at 5 effective approaches to cleaning and tell you how to teach your kids to maintain clean living space. The rules of tidying from Marie Kondo, a famous housekeeping consultant, will help completely transform your home.

Lesson 2. Feminine energy restoration

7:59 min
1 quiz
1 case
We will devote this lesson to the restoration of feminine energy and learn how to replenish it. We will find out what is the source of vitality and we will start building useful habits to increase your energy.
Being in a state of wholeness and concentration you can easily achieve your goals and pursue your dreams.

Lesson 3. Getting rid of distracting information

9:37 min
1 quiz
1 case
Technological progress has given us not just gadgets, social networks, smartphones, and tablets that made us more mobile and productive, but also created digital addiction, which now devours our precious time along with our energy.
We will devote this lesson to getting rid of Internet addiction. We will perform self-diagnostics, find out the signs of the addiction, and analyze why Internet space attracts us, like a magnet.
Any woman has been on a diet at least once in her life and now we will tell you about the benefits of a digital detox, which will save you from many needless actions and save your time and energy. You will also learn how to manage email more efficiently and with less time.

Lesson 4. Goals and dreams

10:36 min
1 quiz
1 case
Every person has dreams. However, dreams do not always come true, and then we decide that it is better to have your feet on the ground rather your head in the clouds and eventually we stop wishing altogether.
In this lesson we will learn to dream big and not to be afraid of our wishes. You will learn how to wish and how it is different from goal setting. You will master the technique of visualizing goals and you will be able to create a step-by-step plan for their realization, and most importantly, you will start to act.

Lesson 5. Planning system organization for women

11:55 min
1 quiz
1 case
In this lesson you will acquire a useful planning skill. This skill is essential for small everyday tasks - if you can easily manage daily tasks, then you will have time and energy for more global goals.
We will get acquainted with the GTD methodology – an effective system of planning and time management. We will master the 5 key steps of planning that will turn a pile of overwhelming tasks into an ordered list that lets you easily complete everything on time.

Lesson 6. Planning your day around your kids’ routine

10:41 min
1 quiz
1 case
We will devote this lesson to time planning, taking into account the daily routine of your family members and their needs. You will learn how to manage the time at your disposal incorporating the daily routine of your husband and children. You will learn about such harmful creatures as time devourers, how to protect yourself from them and become more productive.
You will master the technique of contextual planning, realizing that everything has its place and time. We will also analyze the technique of rigid-flexible planning, using which you will be able to differentiate between different types of tasks and complete the scheduled tasks on time.

Lesson 7. Prioritization

10:35 min
1 quiz
1 case
In this lesson, we will learn to filter out irrelevant things from those that are truly important. Your attention should not be scattered into dozens of mutually exclusive tasks, so we will talk about the criteria of importance and we will try to set top priorities in life.
You will master the Eisenhower matrix, a classic technique for task prioritization. This technique was developed by Dwight David Eisenhower, President of the United States.
You will have another powerful method for setting priorities – ABC analysis, which will allow you to plan your work more efficiently.

Lesson 8. Multitasking

7:20 min
1 quiz
1 case
In this lesson we will learn how to do more in less time by mastering the art of multitasking. Women are naturally equipped with a greater ability to multitask. Start using what you already have within you and you will become more efficient.
We will discuss which things you can combine and which not. We will master the productivity techniques. Tasks will not overwhelm you anymore and you feel happier.

Lesson 9. Gadgets and other assistants

6:46 min
1 quiz
1 case
We remember that the third lesson is devoted to how to spend less time on your gadgets. Do not rush to throw away your smartphones though – they still will be useful to you. Just do not turn into their slave.
In this lesson we will learn how to use technology for our benefit. You will see what you can delegate to your gadgets to free up some of your personal time.
We will discuss which home appliances are useful and how they can free you from certain household chores. We will remind you about smart home appliances and discuss their capabilities.

Lesson 10. Delegation

7:22 min
1 quiz
1 case
In the final lesson, you will learn how to delegate responsibilities to others and how to become a real manager in your home.
We will look at a variety of tasks and discuss which of them you can delegate to others. We will find out to whom exactly you can delegate certain responsibilities by analyzing the capabilities and competencies of people around you.
You will learn how to distribute tasks correctly and track their fulfillment, using an electronic planning service.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate in your email. It will confirm the knowledge and skills you will have acquired.









Мне очень понравился формат курса,разделение на подтемы, короткие видео,которые смотришь с охотой,так как сформулировано все основное,без воды