Develop and Apply Charisma. Break Free Of Fear and Indecision

Practical skills to cope with psychological complexes and develop self-confidence

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What you will get:
Psychological tools that enable you to use confidence to your advantage
Methods to become a truly charismatic person
Building your own unique image
Techniques to overcome fears and indecisiveness and their consequences
Managing your emotions and their manifestations
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About this course
Do you think that charisma and persuasiveness are a natural phenomenon? Are you afraid to go on stage or to speak at a meeting because you floundered as a child one time and have carefully avoided public speaking since then? Do you dislike being in a large company of people and feel very uncomfortable when you are in such situations?

This course from Lectera will help you get rid of your anxiety. The course “+100 to Charisma” is not only theoretical, it is also allows you to practically increase your confidence level. You will find 50+ working techniques - exercises, techniques, checklists, and tasks! If you do them all, they will help you to overcome your uncertainty and believe in yourself in order to overcome your fears and develop the ability to be a charismatic leader!

Unlike many other courses, this course teaches you how to change your patterns of behavior from the inside out. Let's start with the basics — let's look at how self-doubt is formed, in what situations it manifests itself in, and how you can change the normal scenarios of behavior. As a result, you will be enthusiastic to be a leader. You will become noticeable and note-worthy. You will no longer have questions such as, “How can I become confident in myself?” or “How can I increase my self-esteem?”.
Skills you will get:
  • Assertiveness
  • Feedback processing
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Public speaking skill
  • Empathy
Course structure

Lesson 1. Insecurity and self-doubt: what are the causes, and how do we overcome it?

We will explore how self-doubt is formed. You will understand how an insignificant childhood event can interfere with job interviews, work, and even dating. You will learn how to recognize “self-doubt” in yourself and within those around you. You will receive a checklist to increase your confidence and productivity, along with the video lesson.

Lesson 2. Working with fears and negative experiences

This lesson will help us learn to work with our fears and negative experiences. We will figure out how to transform our negative experience, at first glance, into positive energy and to benefit from it. You will learn how to recognize your problems and to talk about them. In the additional materials for the lesson you will learn 4 ways of dealing with stress, which are accessible to everyone. Also included will be a list of exercises to do before a public appearance, as well as a checklist for recovering from any failures.

Lesson 3. Managing emotions

We will learn to manage our emotions and remain efficient, even under severe stress. There are 6 methods of self-regulation: from simple breathing control, to radical self-orders, as well as techniques for maintaining high performance and behavior strategies in conflict situations. In addition to the lesson, there are techniques for the development of your emotional intelligence.

Lesson 4. Sensitivity: what it is, how it works, and where to apply it

Let's talk about sensitivity — some people have an increased susceptibility to both positive and negative external stimuli. You will learn that “environmentally friendly” sensitive people are sensitive and attentive, but are not prone to depression and emotional burnout. We will combine the information we learned through exercises from additional materials. We also prepared instructions for empathy development for the students of the course.

Lesson 5. Charisma: how it works, where to apply and how to develop

We will consider the signs of a charismatic person and leader. We will look at how charisma works and how to develop it in yourself. You might be surprised, but charisma is not an innate trait; it can and should be developed. As always, at the end of the lesson you will find practical exercises that will help to consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained. Additional materials include 8 exercises for charisma training and a checklist with the qualities of a charismatic personality.

Lesson 6. Developing confident behaviour skills: image, visualisation technique, plus some exercises

We build confident behavior. This lesson will teach you to honestly and directly express your thoughts, feelings, and desires. You can easily convince any person that you are right after receiving this information. In the lesson, we will show you a step-by-step plan for changing your image and do several visualization techniques. In the additional materials there are 12 life hacks for the development of self-confidence, as well as templates for special “boards” - they will help to transform negative into positive, as well as find sources of energy and optimism.

Lesson 7. Non-verbal methods of self-presentation

You will learn all about non-verbal communication. We will divide poses and gestures into 3 categories and consider each of them in order to learn how to establish trust without words with other people. You will learn to literally read the lips, eyes, and eyebrows of another person. You will learn how the shape of the wrinkles on the forehead speaks of suffering or surprise, and the direction of the lips can show contempt. In the additional materials you will find checklists for public speaking events and how to prepare for them, non-verbal communication methods, as well as a cheat sheet with tips on how to engage the audience.

Lesson 8. Techniques for confident communication

We will master a wide range of confident communication skills. You will learn how to work with reasonable, as well as unreasonable, criticism and condemnation. Learn coercion and manipulation techniques, and finally learn to say no. You will understand how to steer the conversation to your advantage and relieve emotional stress in dialogue. The additional materials have a lot of useful things - a checklist of a convincing person, as well as mistakes that interfere with your communication.

Valeriy Sandler
Valeriy Sandler
Valeriy Sandler
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Я окончила курс + 100 к харизме! Курс помог определить точки для развития харизмы. Стремлюсь к аутентичной харизме!
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