HR Branding: How to Attract and Keep Talented Employees

How to stand out in the job market using an employer brand

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What you will get:

Learn to diagnose the current state of the HR brand.
Find out how competitive analysis helps you stand out in the job market.
Explore the algorithm for creating an employer value proposition.
Learn how to create a coherent company image using an HR brand book.
Discover how to create a communications plan to promote an employer.

About this course

Imagine a company that has obvious problems: HR managers struggle to fill vacancies, experienced specialists go to competitors, and former employees write negative reviews about working at the company online. Everything points to the fact that potential and current employees do not think highly of their employer.

So, how do you avoid such problems, and what do you do if they have already occurred?

HR branding will help to strengthen company positions in the labour market. It is a set of measures to create an attractive image of the company as a workplace. This image consists of two components: what employees think about the company, and how job candidates perceive it. Based on this, we can distinguish internal and external HR branding. The former is aimed at increasing the loyalty of team members, while the latter is here to convey the advantages of the employer to job seekers.

Internal and external HR brands are closely related. When employees have a positive attitude towards the company, candidates will definitely find out about it. And if the ideal picture does not correspond to the real state of affairs, team members will be disappointed and leave.

During the training, you will learn how to comprehensively approach the promotion and development of the employer's HR brand to attract suitable candidates and turn them into loyal employees who are ready to recommend the company to their friends. As a result, you will understand that building an employer brand is not just a fashion trend, but a useful tool that helps attract job candidates and keep the best specialists. The acquired knowledge and skills will help you implement this in your company.

Course structure

Lesson 1. What is HR branding and why does a company need it?

19:20 min
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1 case
In this lesson, you will learn what gives a company a positive image in the labour market, as well as study the main actors who work to create an HR brand.

You will understand that building and promoting an HR brand helps to attract and keep valuable employees who show the best results and move the business to success.

In the additional materials, you will find 15 useful tools for developing an HR brand in a company and find out how to justify the importance of an HR brand to an executive.

Lesson 2. How to audit an HR brand

9:55 min
1 quiz
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Before you start working on strengthening your HR brand, you need to analyse its current state and identify problem areas. To do this, it is advisable to conduct a comprehensive audit. In this lesson, you will learn the steps needed to do this and study the tools to help you do it.

In addition, you will study an example of how the life cycle of an employee in a company may look like. Furthermore, you will find an example that will help you conduct a competitive analysis.

Lesson 3. How to create an employer value proposition

12:02 min
1 quiz
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Brand loyalty is formed only when employees clearly understand the value that the employer offers them in exchange for their skills and experience. The employer value proposition (EVP), which you will learn about in this lesson, will help you identify the benefits of working for a company.

In the additional materials, you will find a communication plan template and a checklist on how to check your EVP.

Lesson 4. How to strengthen your internal HR brand

10:15 min
1 quiz
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You already know that employees often share their impressions of the employer with the outside world. If they have a low opinion of the company, all your efforts to strengthen your image in the labour market will go to waste. In this lesson, you will find out how to improve your company's reputation with current employees and reduce employee turnover.

Additionally, you will receive instructions on how to conduct a performance review and how to develop corporate values. You will also find an example of an employee satisfaction survey.

Lesson 5. How to strengthen your external HR brand

13:15 min
1 quiz
1 case
Now it’s time to talk about how to get the employer’s value proposition across to job candidates. Job descriptions, career page content, chat with recruiters, and reviews online all influence job seekers' desire to work for a company. This lesson focuses on how to work with these tools to attract valuable talent.

In the additional materials, you will find a template that will help you write a competent job description. Furthermore, you will discover how to design a career website.

Lesson 6. HR branding performance metrics

13:39 min
1 quiz
1 case
In the previous lessons, we looked at the tools and practices that help you strengthen your employer brand. But how do you evaluate the effectiveness of a particular approach for your company? In this lesson, you will learn about the key metrics that you can use to measure the success of your employer branding efforts.

Additionally, you will receive a checklist with a step-by-step plan for working on an HR brand. You will also learn how to correctly calculate HR brand performance metrics and receive an employer brand report template.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate in your email. It will confirm the knowledge and skills you will have acquired.



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