I Am Opening a Retail Store. From Concept to Business Development

32 factors of successful retail management: merchandizing, distribution, marketing

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What you will get:
Understanding what the buyer wants, and how to influence his/her behaviour
Diligent management of the business processes
Category management and merchandising principles
Effective sales promotion techniques
Use of different retail management strategies
About this course
Do you aim to fully realize yourself in retail, but struggle to stand out among competitors? Indeed, retail is a highly competitive business where the price of a miss is high, but you now have the recipe for success within your grasp. This course will set you sail towards mastering retail and conquering the market.

You shall develop an advanced understanding of what competence in merchandising, distribution and marketing really means and how this can lead to greater sales.
And also – how to build a team of specialists, immersed in their business.

And do not let new terms scare you. The course is structured in such a way that all key concepts are organically learned and embedded in your behaviours. They will naturally become part of your daily routine as you emerge as a truly great sales specialist.

Do you want to go from being a beginner to a retail pro? Then this course is for you! Once you've mastered the techniques and set about implementing them, you shall be well on your way towards achieving your toughest goals and making your business highly profitable.
Course structure

Lesson 1. Assortment management and pricing

We learn how to identify target customers and understand their needs. During the lesson, we will also talk about pricing and the intricacies of assortment structuring. You'll gain insight into the characteristics of the product and develop a better understanding of retailing. We'll take a separate look at the role of retailers in the sorting process and learn how they add value to a product.

Lesson 2. Category Management

We will learn the principles of category management and how to assess the effectiveness of the assortment. To learn how to increase sales, we'll immerse ourselves in the discipline of merchandising - learn its tools and hone your inventory management skills. You will be furnished with a successful category manager checklist, learn how to use a three-legged stool model for successful management and develop your understanding of a 73% funnel.

Lesson 3. Sales incentives

We'll figure out how to stimulate sales in retail. We’ll consider such methods as stocks, sales, natural and game stimulation. You'll learn the complete sales promotion package. And – you shall alleviate confusion about the intricacies of retail management with the illustrative "Retail Growth and Profit Improvement" scheme attached to the lesson.

Lesson 4. Retail Marketing

We will address how the journey of the buyer has changed in the 21st century and learn to apply omnipotence, combining online and offline sales. Let's analyse Digital Signage tools - the most promising technology in marketing - and learn how performance marketing is applied in retail. In addition, you'll get a list of ideas that will boost your sales as soon as possible, as well as learning about effective solutions in retail marketing.

Lesson 5. Managing store business processes

For your shop to work without interruptions, you need to properly organize its work processes. In this lesson you will learn how to build effective business process management. We will talk about the peculiarities of receipt and return of goods to the supplier; we shall tackle distribution and inventory. You'll get visual diagrams that introduce you to key retail store business processes and help you learn how to manage them.

Lesson 6. Strategies in retail management

Knowing the key trends in retailing, you can keep up with the times and stay ahead of the competition. In this lesson we will talk about new sales strategies and automation of business processes. We will consider such information systems as IMS, CRM and AIS, and with their help we will learn how to optimize retail processes. Having introduced these tools into your business, you can always be on the crest of success. In additional materials we will talk about development and application of retail strategy. There are 7 proven strategies for success in retail.

Lesson 7. Human resource management

A good company is, first of all, a good team, so human resources management is the most important skill for any businessperson. In this lesson we will talk about how to create a successful HR brand. You will learn how to work with human resources to attract the most professional staff. We'll talk about tangible and intangible incentives for employees. And in additional materials you will find tips on addressing conflict management within the company. You will also receive a hiring checklist.

Lesson 8. Systems for planning, accounting and optimizing staff time

Workforce management (WMF) is a method of planning employee time, which helps to optimize processes within the company. In this lesson you will learn how to apply WMF in retail and will be able to assess its impact on your business. We will consider the specific steps to implement WMF in practice and learn how to properly plan your working time. In addition, you will get a visual diagram that tells you how to effectively manage your staff.
It's very helpful for me I really enjoyed it and it's so easy for my business
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gabriel cruz
gabriel cruz