Instagram From Scratch. From Registration to First Sales

Managing your account, content plan, working with your subscribers, development strategies

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What you will get:
Instagram promotion principles
Rules for writing posts
Drawing up a content plan
Client segmentation
Online development strategies
About this course
Today, Instagram is one of the fastest growing online platforms and a great way to attract a new audience. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do: there is a place for everyone in this social network. Using Instagram features, anyone can promote a personal or corporate brand and increase sales.

In order to do this, you need to attract the attention of visitors, keep it on yourself, and not push the audience away with the “wrong” post. Moreover, you need to build feedback with the audience and establish sales channels. There are only two ways to learn how to do this.

The first one is the long path of trial and error, after which you will not have any desire to do something. And even if you manage to achieve something, you will spend too much time on it, and market conditions will undoubtedly change.

The second method requires concentration and a thirst for knowledge. Show due diligence, and in a short time you will be able to get a huge number of subscribers, whose attention is easily transformed into money. Join our course and we will teach you how to be popular!
Course structure

Lesson 1. Creating an Instagram account

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," reads the well known proverb. In the first lesson, we will teach you the very basics of the platform and tell you how to register on Instagram. Using our instructions, you will be able to easily create a personal page or business account on Instagram.

Lesson 2. Account optimization and editing

The second lesson is all about optimizing your account. The first thing a visitor sees when entering your page is your username and profile picture. We will tell you how to choose and edit them correctly. You will also find out how to write a perfect Instagram bio and learn the important "Call to action" principle.

Lesson 3. Your first post and promotion

The topic of the lesson is the first post and promotion on Instagram. We will tell you what kind of posts there are, and we will teach you to make posts with which the promotion of your Instagram page will take place as fast as possible. Using our techniques, you will begin to receive your first likes. And hashtags for Instagram will allow you to increase the number of subscribers in record time.

Lesson 4. Content

We will teach you to make a content plan for Instagram, tell you when you should schedule your posts and how to make reposts. Moreover, we will reveal other nuances of the platform. You will learn how successful content differs from unsuccessful content, which posts you should share, how to view Instagram statistics, and you will find out more about the rules for creating a personal brand.

Lesson 5. Target audience

You will find out how to use Instagram properly to attract clients, how to determine your target audience, and also learn the rules of hashtag search and competitive analysis. Having learned the rules from the lesson, you will take to Instagram like a duck to water and will be in your element.

Lesson 6. Development strategies

Instagram promotion is impossible without a well-thought-out development strategy. You will learn how short and long term promotion strategies differ and how to develop them. We will analyze what tools are used in each strategy. You will understand how promotion works through your own and other people's sites, cross-posting, and hashtags.

Lesson 7. Interaction with the target audience

Instagram subscribers are potential consumers of your products and services, so it’s very important that you interact with them. In this lesson, you will learn how to communicate with page visitors correctly, organize contests, tag friends, and use your account to the fullest.

Lesson 8. Mass attraction: Instagram and email-marketing together

You will learn to build the right relationships with clients from Instagram. We will give you some cross-channel marketing life hacks - you will find out how to combine and strengthen email marketing and Instagram promotion. You will also receive tools for transfering traffic from Instagram to another site.

Lesson 9. Instagram sales

Shoppable posts is an Instagram innovation, which was highly appreciated by both large brands and small shops. In this lesson, you will learn all the features of customizing shoppable posts - how they work, how to connect them to your business account, what requirements Instagram imposes on them, and how to connect a catalogue.
Paolo Alejandro Issa Garcés
Paolo Alejandro Issa Garcés
Paolo Alejandro Issa Garcés
La dinámica
Giovanny Mottola Mejias
Si mucho, excelente curso. Me gustaría que añadieran en pantalla dividida fotografías y señalizaciones de la pantalla en la aplicación de Instagram y/o Facebook para mayor ejemplificación del contenido. Mil gracias
Erika Diaz
me ayudo muchisimo, excelnte contenido