Kung-Fu Recruiting. Leap Into Network Marketing

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What you will get:

How to succeed in network business without nervous strain
How to attract new partners without persuading and negativity
How to build a strong team, even if you are new to network marketing
Invincible communication skills with your future partners
Simple ways to pinpoint a successful partner who will be most useful to your business

About this course

Are you sociable, open and willing to persuade, but your team is growing slowly? Are you determined, goal-oriented and motivated, yet every new step on your way to a large and efficient network is incredibly difficult? We have a solution!

The course “Kung Fu Recruiting. No questions and objections” will help you to reach a new level and see what you were doing wrong. We will tell you how to assemble a large, effective and motivated team. We will analyze how to make high quality and structured offers that are impossible to refuse. How, having determined in seconds what kind of person you are dealing with, to make him exactly that offer that he is waiting for. We will teach you to cut off everything irrelevant, set the right goals and focus on their achievement.

We will study psychological life hacks and you will be able to quickly determine personality types, behavioral characteristics and give an almost professional evaluation of your future business partners’ potential. While for those, who take the first steps in network business, these lessons will help grasp the right attitude for a successful start and find your way to high income fast. Use secret tricks of the masters to always ensure an easy victory!
Skills you will get:
  • Network marketing

Course structure

Lesson 1. The path to your victory without obstacles

16:04 min
1 additional material
Even the greatest martial artists were once complete beginners. Use their experience on your way to mastery. Success comes to those who believe in it and are ready to learn new things. In our first lesson, you will learn the ways to promptly and correctly select a successful MLM company, which will be comfortable for you to work with for a long time. You will master some effective and straightforward rules that will help you avoid common mistakes and build a large team.

Lesson 2. Foolproof Strategy: 4 Colors

12:56 min
1 additional material
Practically the first question a beginner networker asks is how to invite people to their team so that they accept the invitation? The answer is simple – offer something suitable for them. How to do this if everybody is different? The second lesson, where we will study the color method of communication, will help you with that. You will learn how to determine a personality type in a minute: red, blue, green, yellow. You will learn how to make offers, free of mistakes and how to combine sales and recruiting. You will also learn strengths and weaknesses of each personality type, their values ​​and interests. You will understand how to, depending on the personality type, set goals and motivate your partners to achieve them. As a bonus, there is a test for you that will show what color type you are.

Lesson 3. Step by step to the level of a recruiting master

7:58 min
1 additional material
As a rule, beginners, whatever job they do, lack experience and until they gain it, they move toward the goal at a slow pace. While in network business, everything is different! There are 4 main stages and at each of them you have advantages. Study them in this lesson to make the most of these stages and to win always. You should not be satisfied with little just because you do not know everything or, on the opposite, your enthusiasm diminishes while your experience grows. We will tell you how to recognize those partners you need right now, and those partners who will be most useful at the next stage.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate in your email. It will confirm the knowledge and skills you will have acquired.



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