Efficient Cold Letters. Databases and Dealing With Objections

System of work with cold emails and how to earn on email marketing

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What you will get:
Collection and segmentation of email newsletter customer bases
Email marketing strategies and choosing the right one for you
Finding contact information of key decision makers
Your first cold sales email
A review of email scripts
About this course
On average, email marketing brings in from 10 to 30% of sales in online stores. A study conducted by Campaign Monitor showed that every dollar invested in email marketing brings $44 profit.

In this course you will go through all the stages of creating an email strategy - from collecting a database to writing emails. Together we will deal with the technical part and and the content of newsletters, we will learn how to collect and segment databases, as well as analyze the results.

After completing the course, you will learn what are the strategies in email marketing and how to choose the best one for your goal. Learn to create databases - we will give you reliable tools for creating a mailing list database and teach you how to use them. Once you learn how to collect a database, we will introduce you to the segmentation tools.

The course pays much attention to how to contact the person who makes decisions in the company. In order for you to learn this, we will study various company structures and give you suitable algorithms and tools for each of them - from a search on the company's website and social networks to email aggregators and databases of mailing addresses. They will help you find any employee.

In the second part of the course, we will learn to write cold emails, analyzing different scripts and cases. You will be able to highlight the main elements of letters and create the first email for your company or product.
Course structure

Lesson 1. What is the purpose of “cold” emails?

We will discuss why cold sales are effective and why we need cold emails. We will compare cold emails with content marketing and calls, consider the reasons for the ineffectiveness of newsletters and give recommendations on how to take the most from this course. In the appendix you will find a checklist on the main tools of email newsletters, as well as 4 steps before starting an email campaign.

Lesson 2. Configuring the system for sending "cold" emails

We’ll take a closer look at the setup and strategy of email newsletters. We will find out what strategies are there, describe each in detail and explain how to choose the one that suits you best. We will also talk about the optimal frequency of emails and the ideal time to send them. In additional materials, you will find a checklist of the 5 best cold email-writing practices.

Lesson 3. How to look for companies for a mailing list database?

We will find out how to make a base for a newsletter, and also learn how to make a portrait of a potential client. We will give you tools for finding clients and explain how to use these services. We will also provide you with online and offline tools for compiling a database - from industry conferences to special software. In additional materials, you will find 10 ways to segment mailings to increase your sales.

Lesson 4. How to find company’s most influential people from your list

We will learn how to find quickly the DM (decision maker) in a company. We will introduce you to different company structures (flat, cobweb-like, matrix, hierarchy) and give you algorithms for effective search for DMs. We will give you search tools - from LinkedIn to articles and press releases.

Lesson 5. How to find the contact email of the Decision Maker

We will learn to find the email addresses of the employees you need from client companies. We will tell you about simple and effective ways to search for their email addresses that will help you find the decision maker - from searching the company’s website and social networks to email aggregators and email address databases. In additional materials, you will find a checklist for finding email addresses.

Lesson 6. How to write the first email for the mailing list and what mistakes can happen

During this lesson, you will write your first cold email. We will consider the basic rules for compiling emails: we will learn how to address the clients’ pains and speak the language of benefit. 6 tools from this lesson will help you make letters more personalized, and the rules for creating headers will increase the click-rate of the email. In the appendix, you will find a checklist that will help you prevent important mistakes, as well as 17 “golden” rules of cold email-writing.

Lesson 7. “Cold” emails’ scripts

We will analyze some ready-made scripts of emails to clients, and also learn how to test them. We will give you 2 working strategies for writing emails, as well as 5 life hacks to increase the conversion of your email. Additional materials contain 10 proven formulas for improving a cold email.

Lesson 8. Dealing with objections

You sent an email - what’s next? We will consider the behaviour strategies in different cases - what to do if a client doesn’t respond to your email, how to arrange a personal meeting with the client in case they did answer, etc. We will create an objection plan and discuss popular reasons for rejection.

Ekaterina Chapurina
Ekaterina Chapurina
Ekaterina Chapurina