Making the Perfect Presentation

Learn the fundamentals of design to win over any audience

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What you will get:
Learn to analyse the audience
Discover how to plan a presentation and make a storyboard
Learn to define the goals of your presentation
Study typical slides and presentation structure
Explore the four principles of design
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About this course
Do you often have to prepare visual materials for work or studies? Do you defend your ideas and projects in presentation format to management or investors?

Master the art of creating presentations and develop your design skill through practice while watching this course!

During the training, you will learn how to analyse the audience for which you will create a presentation. You will learn how to highlight the key objectives of the presentation and form its structure. You will understand how to create a script and storyboard for a future presentation. To select the most successful design, you will study the basic principles of design: context, unity, contrast and balance. During the course, you will see why composition is crucial when creating a presentation, and learn methods for arranging compositional elements. You will discover how to enhance the value of certain elements of your presentation using colour schemes. Among other things, you will explore the basics of typography — it will become easier for you to work with text and select fonts. As a result, you will always be able to select the elements that will make your presentation as informative as possible.

And most importantly, you will understand that you do not always need a designer to create a presentation. You, like no one else, know what to visualise and focus on.

The course materials on creating presentations will help you gain new knowledge and hone your skills. You will learn how to design eye-catching presentations so your ideas don't go unnoticed!
Course structure

Lesson 1. Audience and purpose of the presentation

Before you start designing slides, you should analyse your audience and understand your objective more deeply, and then think about the structure of your presentation. You will be left with a list of questions to help you analyse your audience and determine the goals of your speech.

In addition to this, you will take a look at the list of presentation services and consider their pros and cons.

Lesson 2. Presentation script and storyboard

In this lesson, you will begin writing a presentation script and creating a storyboard. You will study typical slides to help you structure the presentation.

In the additional materials, you will find a memo with the presentation structure and templates for storyboarding.

Lesson 3. Fundamentals of design

Design is about following simple principles and removing anything that doesn't conform to them. These principles are context, unity, contrast and balance. We will discuss them in this lesson.

Additionally, you will receive a memo with the basics of design.

Lesson 4. Composition. Placing elements on a slide

In this lesson, you will learn about composition and its importance when creating a presentation.

In the additional materials, you will find methods for arranging compositional elements.

Lesson 5. Background. Colours

You can also enhance the significance of certain elements on a slide using colour. You will learn how to do this in the lesson.

In the additional materials, you will explore the fundamentals of colour theory and get a list of services where you can pick colour combinations.

Lesson 6. Working with text. Typography. Fonts

In this lesson, we will talk about working with text, about the rules of typography and the use of fonts.

In the additional materials, you will learn how to come up with catchy headlines. Moreover, you will get a checklist for working with text and fonts on slides.

Lesson 7. Extra elements

In the final lesson, you will discover how to complement your presentation with other elements such as illustrations and diagrams.

Additionally, you will study the types of charts and graphs and receive a list of services for searching images.
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