Network Marketing Leader. Increase Income With the Best Team

Learning basics of successful sales, engaging partners and leadership within a team

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What you will get:
SMO and SMM: how to use social media and instant messengers to expand your audience
Gamification, storytelling: how to capture listeners' attention
What to teach your team to make it truly efficient
Wow-technique: how to sell without selling
How to motivate a team to scale great heights in business
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About this course
Network marketing is a growing business model based on a network of independent distributors. With the right approach, this method allows you to build your own sales network that will provide you with passive income.

If you are a born leader, well versed in sales and recruiting, then you will easily succeed in this business. However, these people are unique: the educational system does not teach us how to succeed in business, and the main job leaves no chance to obtain the necessary skills in a practical way.

Fortunately, there is a third option: you can seek help from people who have already gone through this and reached the end. For your special benefit, we have prepared a course that will give you all the necessary knowledge and skills for conquering new career heights in the shortest time possible.
Skills you will get:
  • Persuasion skill
  • Network marketing
  • Presentation
  • Negotiating
  • Dealing with objections
Course structure

Lesson 1. How to Become Number One, or Sales Skills in Network Marketing

We figure out what sales consist of and how to succeed in this difficult business. We will also discuss the mental traps and tricks that are used in the business. A leader is always a good time manager, therefore, in additional materials you will find a useful technique called “time segmentation”. Network marketing is not possible without a quality plan. So, you will receive prompt cards with sales scripts and a product presentation scheme.

Lesson 2. How to Replicate Success? Recruitment and Duplication

Recruitment and duplication is the shortest and most accurate definition of network marketing. We will talk about these components of success in our lesson. You will learn how to use Instagram, find out how a sales funnel works, and begin to build your passive income.
In additional materials, you will find a form with a plan for the next 30 days.

Lesson 3. How to Build a Dialogue With Experienced Recruits and Beginners

We continue to hone our recruiting skills. You will learn how a novice and an experienced partner think, and get step-by-step instructions on how to recruit them. In addition, we will discuss social networks and their role in building a team. We’ll find out how to attract new people to your page and what types of content are ideal for promoting you as an expert. You will get scripts for using network marketing on social media, as well as a start checklist.

Lesson 4. Building a Team

In this lesson, we will move on to the main topic - creating a network marketing structure. You will learn how to create an effective team, and you will understand what lies at the heart of successful cooperation with network partners. We will discuss what function the leader and the first line perform in the team and how to maintain good relations within it.
Additionally, you will get 7 tips for team development and master the 5 daily tasks technique.

Lesson 5. Moving Towards Success, Team and Leader Promotion

We will discuss who a leader is. We will analyze the rules that they must follow in order to be respected by their team, and find out what is unacceptable in the behaviour of a true leader. We will learn where to find new partners and how to convince them to follow you. You will also learn how to promote a leader and a team.
Additionally, you will receive a visual plan for becoming successful in the network business.

Lesson 6. Expand Your Reach. Promotion Tools and Marketing Content

We will learn to use SMO and SMM promotion to expand your audience. You will learn how to create marketing content and you will be able to understand which formats work well on social networks and which formats work in instant messengers.
Additionally, you will get a strategy that will help you determine the most effective social networks and techniques for working with them.

Lesson 7. How to Come Personally to Each Partner and Client

There are two types of events: online and offline, but organizing them requires an equally responsible approach. To diversify them, such techniques as gamification and visual presentation will help. You will also learn how to engage your audience using storytelling and how to communicate with your audience.
In addition, you will find out how to prepare a webinar and get a model plan for an effective online event.

Lesson 8. What to Teach Your Team

We will discuss how to make your team more successful and efficient. You will receive ready-made scripts to deal with objections, find out the difference between warm and cold clients, and learn how to work with them. We will find out how the wow effect is achieved in sales.
In additional materials, you will find a true formula for success in MLM and an effective methodology for dealing with objections.

Lesson 9. Motivational Life Hacks for a Magnificent Leadership

A must-have for any leader is the ability to inspire yourself and your team to achieve high results. The success of the business itself depends on how effectively you do this, therefore, we will devote the final lesson to life hacks that will help you reach new heights in network marketing.
In additional materials, you will receive a brief instruction on creating a team culture, a wallet guide on the qualities of a highly profitable MLM leader, and a list of ways to increase team efficiency.
Valeriy Sandler
Valeriy Sandler
Valeriy Sandler