The Perfect Manager. Create a Team Development Strategy

Recommendations for creating and training an efficient team, solving internal conflicts and motivating its members

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What you will get:
The latest, most effective methods for team management
The secrets behind successful hiring practices
How to avoid mistakes and problems when creating your team
Conflict resolution within your team
Team building techniques for bringing your teammates together
About this course
A good leader is both, as the old saying goes: ‘The brains behind the outfit,’ and at the heart of the whole operation. Ultimately, the buck stops with the most senior member of any organisation. So, at the end of the day, the professionalism, competence, and level of training, and what successes it’s possible to achieve, depends upon on the leader.

A word to the wise, if you want to get a deeper working knowledge of HR management, our course for HR (Human Resources) managers will be a godsend to you.

Many management training courses only cover the emotional side of the issue. On the flip side, our course will not only teach you the right way of thinking, but we’ll also analyse the functions of each management level in detail, consider different management styles, and give you some practical words of advice. Additionally, you’ll receive lots of additional materials, supplementary visual aids, and manuals that’ll help you to structure your newfound knowledge.

Furthermore, after completing the course, the transition from feeling like you’ve got a tough job to build a successful team, to transforming complex work into an entertaining game that brings good money will be seamless. Employee motivation will break all records, and even the most passive team member will turn into your loyal ally.

In our high-tech age, time is becoming the most valuable resource, and by using your new knowledge and skills, you can build your time management in such a way that work issues are resolved as if by by themselves. Your employees will see you as some sort of magician., To them, you are simply working your magic.
Course structure

Lesson 1. HR Management: Team Building and SMART

In our first lesson, we’ll teach you the best way to build a successful team. Consequently, you’ll learn what stages the team goes through and what the life cycle of the team is. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to create an effective team. You’ll also learn about the best ways to recruiting and employing the cream of the crop. Moreover, we’ll teach you some life hacks for composing attractive vacancies, and the key points that you need to pay attention when you’re writing your own C.V. (Curriculum Vitae). At the end of the lesson, we’ll talk about the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) goal formation technique, which empowers employees to

determine what they want to achieve.

Lesson 2. Help management in relationships, communication and team training

We master techniques that help solve problems at the stage of forming and then building your team. We’ll teach you to use your knowledge of the ‘four DISC types’ (four basic personality types) according to the DICS behavioural model for conflict resolution. We’ll also discuss the twelve ways to regulate relationships that’ll help you avoid any conflicts within your team. Finally, in this lesson, we’ll also talk about some applications that simplify communication.

Lesson 3. How to resolve and prevent conflicts

Let's talk about the nature of conflicts that may arise within a team. We’ll identify areas of possible conflict - the prerequisites for their occurrence, the tell-tale signs of potential conflict in the team, the main reasons for it, and we’ll teach you a step-by-step conflict resolution algorithm. At the end of the lesson, you’ll be more sensitive to the mood of your team, and will be able to nip any conflicts in the bud before they become serious problems.

Lesson 4. Drive management: corporate ideology, games and events

We study the role and functions of corporate ideology and team building. You’ll learn how to create your own unique ideology for your team, as well as how to put these tenets into practice. In this lesson, you’ll find interesting and effective games that’ll help you get to know your colleagues better. You’ll also receive ‘13 ideas for corporate events,’ and learn the basic rules for their implementation.

Lesson 5. Motivating employees and developing emotional intelligence

We learn to see what needs the employees have and which of them must be met by the employer. We’ll talk about how, knowing the needs of each employee, to retain and motivate them. We’ll also discuss the main types of employee motivation and talk about eight unusual cases – from needing an extra day off work because of a relationship break up, to a exponential increase in salary. We’ll also talk about emotional intelligence in the context of building relationships at work.

Lesson 6. How to conduct meetings and make group decisions

Let's look at techniques that make group decisions easier. You’ll learn what an effective meeting is, and by what metrics you can measure it by. We learn how to prepare for meetings in stages. You’ll also receive a list of useful exercises that help the team coordinate work more productively.

Lesson 7. ‘List of sins’ and how to fire employees

We study corporate rules and those ‘sins’ that are forgivable, and those that aren’t. You’ll also learn how to talk to someone you have a grievance about and how to fire people. We’ll finish this lesson with a discussion about the rules for a positive management style that’ll enable you to remain the best of leaders in any given situation.

Lesson 8. Stress management and time management

We’ll get acquainted with exercises that develop the skill of self-management, and also learn how to cope with stress. Separately, we’ll talk about time management and how it’ll increase your effectiveness. You’ll also learn what qualities a good leader should have, and how to develop them in yourself.

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