Personal Brand Monetisation. Make Money on Your Expertise

Means of personal brand promotion, audience interaction secrets, tools of monetization

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What you will get:
Effective methods to promote your personal brand
You will learn how to get a steady income, based on your skills
You will learn the secrets of interacting with your audience.
You will get an understanding of monetization tools.
You will master the skills of effective planning.
About this course
This is our second course in the Personal Branding series. This course will uncover to you the topic of personal brand monetization. If you want to learn more about promotion methods, the secrets of interacting with the audience and get effective tools for monetization, then we will help you!

You will learn to see a business in your personal brand, to maintain regularly pages on social networks and compose the key characteristics of your resources. You will also learn how to choose the ideal monetization model, how to get profit from promotion, gather a large audience by optimizing Internet traffic, and effectively select keywords. We will tell you all about social media marketing and the basic principles of promotion. Content skills will help you with promotion, and the basics of strategic planning will lead your brand to success.

Our course will show you how to assess your personal potential and make money with your skills. Your brand will become your permanent source of income.
Course structure

Lesson 1. Lesson 1. Personalization and monetization.

You will learn that you should be systematic about creating your personal brand. You will learn how to answer questions that will help you understand which direction to take. To successfully monetize your personal brand, you have to learn to see it as a business.

Lesson 2. Lesson 2. Monetization: the most effective ways to develop a personal brand.

To promote your personal brand, you need to maintain pages in different social networks, while keeping the design of all in the same style. This will require from you firstly to determine the key characteristics of your resources and secondly, create a guide for people who will help you run the channel.

Lesson 3. Lesson 3. Direct monetization, or how to make money based on your skills.

You will receive all the necessary knowledge on how to monetize your personal brand. Sales are the foundation of direct monetization methods.

In the supplementary materials, you will receive "Eight common mistakes in content marketing." We will discuss these mistakes so you can avoid them.

Lesson 4. Lesson 4. Monetization tools.

You will receive an answer to the main question "How to turn your audience into your potential customers?" You will learn how to directly monetize your social media page.

Lesson 5. Lesson 5. Indirect ways of monetization.

In this lesson, you will study indirect ways to monetize. The main difference between indirect and direct methods is the nature of the income. With indirect method, your profit does not come from the audience but thanks to it. With our step-by-step guide, you can choose the ideal monetization model.

Lesson 6. Lesson 6. Traffic and SEO optimization.

You will learn how to build a large audience. To do this, you will need to optimize your internet traffic. Keyword optimization is essential to attract an audience to the website, so in the additional materials you will find a short guide on the selection of keywords.

Lesson 7. Lesson 7. Marketing in social networks.

We will talk about SMM. Have you come across this abbreviation? We are sure you have. SMM or social media marketing is social media promotion work. You will understand how your promotion system will work, which channels will be the main ones, and you will visualize your promotion plan on social networks.

Lesson 8. Lesson 8. Social media and promotion.

We will tell you about the key features of social media, which in order to be successful require a number of conditions. There is a little bonus to this lesson – a checklist “Social media activities that drive promotion.”

Lesson 9. Lesson 9. The role of content, or how to create an ideal content plan.

You will learn about the most important component of personal brand promotion, which is working with content. You will also learn important content marketing metrics.

Lesson 10. Lesson 10. Key components of successful branding.

In the final lesson, you will learn about building a marketing strategy and an effective team, explore the key elements for the global success of your brand. As a bonus to the lesson, there are two reminders: "Advertising models and affiliate programs" and "KPIs for models".
This course is Whao, very explanatory and detailed, I recommend it, go for it.
The Personal Branding Monetisation course help me more about brand development and become a successful content creator
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