Personal Brand Basics. First Steps Towards Popularity Growth

Ways to form and promote a personal brand, networking tools, analysing expert cases

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What you will get:
You will build a personal brand
You will reveal new career prospects
You will find out more about yourself and will be able to reveal your own personality
You will reconsider your knowledge and skills
You will learn how to form a community around your personality
About this course
Have you ever wondered what a personal brand is and what opportunities it can open up for you in the professional field? If you want to change your field of activity, attract new clients to your business, and become a recognized specialist, we will tell you how to do it!

In this course, you will be able to create a unique style, learn how to present yourself correctly, and make even more money off it. You will build a personal brand based on your values ​​and expertise, learn to draw up a portrait of your target audience, study its main motives and ways of attracting, and find out how to identify competitors. We will tell you what the formula for a unique selling proposition consists of and how to create a logo that will attract the customers' attention. You will learn which social networks you should use to promote your personal brand, and how to design your profile. You will receive PR and awareness tools, build trust-based relations with partners, and study the basics of strategic planning.

The skills acquired in this course will help you see yourself and your capabilities differently. You will find that your knowledge and talents are not limited to standard responsibilities. You will become a unique brand holding special qualities. We will teach you to stand out!
Course structure

Lesson 1. You are a brand. First steps towards increasing popularity

We will study the concept of a personal brand. You will learn that this is not just a set of knowledge, but an entire identity, which consists of a well-thought-out personal style and constant work on content. You will discover 9 key benefits of a powerful personal brand, explore the stages of its creation, and think about how you will benefit from building a personal brand.

Lesson 2. How to turn your strengths into a personal brand

You have met many people throughout your life, but do you know yourself? You will have the tools to understand your strengths and weaknesses. You will learn more about your competencies, discover what your motivation is, and what values you rely on. You will work out 7 key elements of a powerful personal brand.

Lesson 3. Find your target audience and learn its insights

You will learn to draw up a portrait of your target audience (TA). This knowledge is a must in any business field. The more you know about your target audience, the easier it will be to interact with it. You will learn what an insight (your audience's motive) in the context of branding is, and study the algorithm for finding it.

Lesson 4. Find and surpass: the best practices for studying competitors

You will learn how to analyze experts and identify your direct competitors even at this stage. You will discover 3 categories of competitors, as well as 7 key questions to ask when analyzing their social media profiles. You will identify the top 10 strongest competitors and learn how to interact with them correctly. Should you compete with them or be friends? You will choose your strategy and also see what you should do if you have no competitors.

Lesson 5. Creating a unique proposition and slogan — world leaders' experience

You will learn the unique proposition formula, 3 questions for forming a unique selling proposition (USP), and what are the 4 zones of your USP. You will get an idea of the Feature → Benefit model, which will help you present your brand correctly, and take a look at 6 successful examples of USP and slogan creation.

Lesson 6. How do you stand out from the competition and create brand advocates?

The logo is seen as an integral part of the brand. You will learn 6 secrets of a cool logo, receive 12 recommendations for forming a personal brand identity, analyze the individual palette of your personal brand, the peculiarities of colour associations and font selection, and dive deeper into the geometry of suitable shapes for your website and blog.

Lesson 7. Promoting a personal brand: taking over the Internet

You will get a review of 7 social networks for promoting your personal brand and identify the key elements of your personal website and the necessary steps to optimize it. You will learn to share your achievements and skills on your website and social media. We will provide you with 6 tips for designing a social media profile, as well as life hacks on how to keep your followers interested.

Lesson 8. Bringing in new promotion channels: PR, mass media, networking

You will receive 5 PR tools to increase your personal brand awareness, 4 ways to get media coverage, 13 tips for writing pitch letters for journalists, and 7 steps to the perfect interview. You will learn about 11 techniques for writing the perfect press release, and get general guidelines for communicating with journalists. You will also choose ways to build partnerships and increase your reputation, and find out how to form a community around your personal brand.

Lesson 9. Taking a personal brand to a new level: a growth strategy

You will get 4 ways to develop your personal brand and understand the importance of networking and the influence of your social circle even more. In the lesson, we will reveal 10 rules of uniqueness to you. You will receive a template for strategic development planning and achievement of goals.
Lady Mijares
Lady Mijares
Lady Mijares
Excelente, muchas gracias.
This Program is the best I have seen. It is very detailed, simple, and narrative. It is packed with sourced values. And the additional materials are self-explanatory. Go for it, you will never regret that you invest your time and money in it.
Анастасия Январева
Еще недавно я находилась на пороге создания собственного дела. Очень удачно нашла курс «Персональный брендинг», который дал мне много подсказок по тому, как продвигать себя на рынке и выделиться среди сотен конкурентов. С его помощью я смогла создать уникальный бренд, основанный на мне, на моих качествах. На курсе узнала, как продвигать личный бренд в интернете и зарабатывать на этом больше. Я благодарна создателям, вы делитесь секретами настоящего успеха за такие небольшие для этих знаний деньги.