PPC Advertising. Drive Traffic and Boost Sales

How PPC advertising works, advertising campaign strategy, recommendations for website traffic increase

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What you will get:

You will learn how to start working on advertisements
You will master the skill of writing advertising texts
You will study effective methods to filter out non-target audiences
You will learn how to place contextual ads on ad platforms
You will create your own ad campaign strategy
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About this course

Contextual advertising is a universal tool for any business. Inadequate level of knowledge in this area prevents promotion. Do potential customers put products in their shopping cart on your website and then buy from your competitors? Is your advertising not attracting interested users? If you are familiar with these problems, then our course will help you solve them!

You will learn all about contextual advertising and ways to attract customers, how to create convincing and high-quality ads. They will tell you how to form your advertising strategy. Part of the course will be dedicated to keywords and semantics, clustering, Google Ads, and remarketing. You will learn about the important components of PPC advertising and how to customize them. You will also acquire the skill of parsing and analyzing your advertising campaigns.

The skills acquired in this course will help you use modern ad serving technologies. They will be useful for your business promotion and increasing your income.
Skills you will get:
  • Collecting the semantic core
  • Market analysis
  • Search engine marketing
  • Audience analysis
  • Setting up contextual advertising
  • Targeting

Course structure

Lesson 1. Creating a subscriber base

16:23 min
In the first lesson, you will learn how to create an address database that will require you to interest a potential client. We will tell you how to do this and which sources are better not to use.

Lesson 2. Choosing a form for collecting the base

8:19 min
In this lesson, you will learn about data collection forms, what are end-to-end analytics and pop-up forms. You will learn how to use a landing page and much more to sign up.

Lesson 3. Old base: reactivation of subscribers

8:29 min
This lesson is about welcome emails. You will learn how to build trust and engage users in your newsletter.

In the supplementary resources, you will find 11 free email marketing services as well as a template for a series of welcome letters.

Lesson 4. Mailing list personalization

7:42 min
In this lesson, you will learn all about segmentation and personalization. We will tell you about user data and its storage. You will learn about "behavioral writing".

Lesson 5. Creating a customer avatar

8:52 min
In this lesson, you will explore in detail the audience for personalization. You will learn what components a customer avatar should have and how to create one. You will receive effective recommendations for improving your mailing list.

Lesson 6. Segmentation to increase conversion

7:13 min
In this lesson, you will learn more about the subject of segmentation. You will learn how to divide subscribers according to the sales funnel, what other segments you should study besides those that you already know.

Lesson 7. Sales funnel in email marketing

6:29 min
This lesson is dedicated to the sales funnel. You will learn how they build a sales funnel in email marketing, how to divide it into micro-funnels, and what “nurturing” leads means.

Lesson 8. Writing content for mailings

10:31 min
In the final lesson, we will talk about the content of emails. You will learn what you should include in your emails and on what topics.


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