Profession Basics: IT Recruiter

We study the specifics of work in IT recruiting


What you will get:

Find out what competencies a good IT recruiter has.
You will understand the difference between being a recruiter in the company's HR department, working in a head-hunting agency, and freelancing
Understand the classification of positions in IT
Learn how to build the process of working with a customer
You will be able to give the customer a clear picture about the search for employees

About this course

Do you want to start a career in a new field, but do not know what profession to choose? Then you should definitely consider the position of an IT recruiter. Studies show that this profession will be in demand for a long time. Demand in the IT industry far exceeds supply. The world's largest economy is facing a shortage of over 1 million software developers, and in the coming years, this demand for employing developers will grow.

A recruiter or HR manager is an important functionary of any company. It is the recruiter who is the first company representative that any candidate encounters when applying for a job, and with whom the company is associated in their minds. It's the IT recruiter's job to search and select talented IT specialists for the company. It is also absolutely not necessary for the recruiter to know programming or be very knowledgeable about the narrow technical areas of the industry. You can learn all the details about this profession if you look up our new online course. The acquired knowledge and skills will help you take your first, confident steps in IT recruiting.

Course structure

Lesson 1. Who is a recruiter

23:31 min
1 quiz
1 case

The profession of an IT recruiter is different from all other types of recruiting. In the first lesson of the course, you will learn who an IT recruiter is and what skills he or she needs to succeed. You will study the formats of work of an IT recruiter and will be able to choose the preferred ones for yourself. Regardless of which way you choose to work, you will have to deal with the situation of luring a candidate to your client company. In the course, we will discuss how to build and support a company's brand as an employer, aimed at helping the recruitment process. In additional materials, you will find ways to promote the company's HR brand.

Lesson 2. Specialization in IT

16:47 min
1 quiz
1 case

The IT market has its own specifics and is different from others. An IT recruiter should be well-versed in the nuances of positions in IT industry. If one looks at the job descriptions of various vacancies in any job portal, it will be difficult for the uninitiated to understand what is written. Therefore, in this lesson, we will talk about the specifics of various roles and specialties in the IT field. Additionally, you will get to know which programming languages are the most popular.

Lesson 3. Working with the customer

11:25 min
1 quiz
1 case

For a recruiter, it is important not only to close vacancies on time but also to select people who will stay with the company a long time, and answer to the requirements of their immediate supervisor. Generally, the ability of the selected candidate to fit the role is the more important criterion. Ultimately, it is the customer's satisfaction that is the decisive factor that determines the success of the recruiter as a specialist. Thus it is very important to establish the process of working with the customer. In this tutorial, you will learn how to do it.

Lesson 4. Searching for IT specialists

6:08 min
1 quiz

A suitable IT specialist is not always found on a job search site. The fact is that IT people have a special mindset, their own values and interests, and they all inhabit the IT universe. It is not enough to simply post a job vacancy on a popular job site. An IT recruiter will have to use a variety of channels for searching. In this lesson, you will learn what resources you can use to search for candidates. In additional materials, you will find instructions on how to search for the best candidates using Boolean Search.

Lesson 5. Vacancy

6:18 min
1 quiz
1 case

You already know who you need to find, you understand how best to draw up a portrait of a candidate, and you know exactly where to look for him. The next step is to write the job description. In this tutorial, you will learn how to do it right.

Lesson 6. Interview

7:36 min
1 quiz

The recruitment process is a multi-stage system. After selecting a resume, you must invite the candidate for an interview. It's important to remember that IT professionals tend to be a bit taciturn and aloof, especially when it's not the person who has not applied for the job, rather the recruiter invites him or her for the interview. How to communicate with IT specialists? This is what will be discussed in this lesson. See additional materials for sample questions for interviewing developers.

Lesson 7. Presentation to the customer and the offer

6:56 min
1 quiz
1 case

During the process of selecting and hiring a new employee, the recruiter is a very important mediator between the candidate and the customer. Therefore, after you have interviewed the candidate, you still have some way to go. In the final lesson of the course, you will learn how to introduce the candidate to the customer and make an offer. Additionally, you will receive a checklist for working with the counteroffer.