Professions of the future: work in today's job market

Analysis of modern professions secrets current working methods, business development tools

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What you will get:
The actual profession of the future
Learn what trends are making changes in our lives
Increase your professional value on the labor market
Explore the modern methods of work
Learn about the level of wages in each of the professions
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About this course
How to find a job in the modern labor market? How to avoid routine and boring tasks? What profession can become my calling? If you often think about these questions, then our online course will help you. You will consider new professions of the future that are actively gaining popularity. You will learn what tasks these specialists solve, what tools they use, and in what directions they find their application.

Training on our course will be interesting to many: employees - from line personnel to top managers, entrepreneurs, as well as those who are just getting ready to choose a field of activity.

You will learn about such professions as:
Data Analyst;
  • UX Researcher;
  • Reputation Manager;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Specialist;
  • Social Contribution Measurement Specialist;
  • Fundraiser;
  • Scrum master;
  • Facilitator;
  • Navigator.

You will understand what promising professions are and take a closer look at the functionality of each. You will also study the area of ​​their application in dynamics, market needs and the level of wages. Each of them can be mastered if you go through independent training, and develop the necessary skills in the process.
Skills you will get:
  • Professional navigation
  • Career guidance
Course structure

Lesson 1. New professions. Attention! They're already here

In this lesson, you will look at the current professions of the future in the field of Digital Marketing. You will be told in which areas specialists find their application, and what knowledge and competencies they need. In the supplementary materials, you will be able to study information about trends that make changes in our lives. You will also receive recommendations on how to increase your professional value in the labor market.

Lesson 2. Data Analyst

In this lesson, we will talk about such specialties as Data Scientist and Data Mining Specialist. You will learn why companies collect data, and for what purposes they are used. You will be told about the main functions of the profession - a data analyst. You will understand what tools are used in the work, what skills and personal qualities this specialist should have.

In the supplementary materials, you will be able to study the competencies of the specialty of the analyst.

Lesson 3. UX researcher

In this lesson, you will learn about the relevance of User Experience research. You will take a closer look at the profession of UX researcher, learn about the main responsibilities, necessary knowledge, and competencies. You will also be told about the range of salaries in this area. In the supplementary materials, you will receive recommendations on how to apply design thinking technology.

Lesson 4. Reputation Manager

This lesson is dedicated to another profession of the future – reputation manager. You will learn the main directions of this activity, understand what duties this specialist should cope with. In additional materials, you will be able to study what makes up the image of the product, learn how reputation management helps determine the goals for managing the company's image.

Lesson 5. CSR Specialist

In this lesson, you will become familiar with the term “corporate social responsibility” and discuss the purposes for which companies use this direction. You will be told about the types of CSR, and you will understand what skills and knowledge this specialist should have. In the supplementary materials, you can learn more about what the corporate social responsibility of business is.

Lesson 6. Social Impact Assessment specialist (SIA specialist)

In this lesson, you will learn about the profession of the future, the Social Impact Assessment specialist (SIAS),or Social Impact Assessment Specialist. You will be told what social impact is and what company indicators can be improved by assessing social effects. You will also learn about the main tasks of a social impact measurement specialist, and what competencies they should have. In addition to the lesson, we have prepared for you a material describing the five steps of measuring social impact.

Lesson 7. Fundraiser

In this lesson, you will analyze another new specialty and learn what a fundraiser is, what are the duties of this specialist, and what competencies are necessary in this work. In the supplementary materials, you will learn how to develop a fundraising strategy, and how to make a business plan for a project involving fundraising.

Lesson 8. Scrum Master

In this lesson, you will learn all about the profession of Scrum master. You will consider in detail what the essence of the SCRUM methodology is. You will also analyze the functionality of the scrum master, discuss the necessary skills and competencies and find out the level of salary. In the supplementary materials you will find a brief guide to the
SCRUM system.

Lesson 9. Facilitator

In this lesson, you will learn about facilitators as representatives of a new promising profession. You will be told how the facilitation process works, and in what areas it is used. You will learn the duties, skills and competencies of the facilitator. In the supplementary materials, you will be able to study the list of questions for the participants of the strategic session when conducting a
SWOT analysis of the company's new product. You will also learn the basic competencies that a facilitator should have.

Lesson 10. Navigation in Education

In the final lesson we will talk about the profession of a navigator in education. You will learn what exactly the navigator does, what are its competencies, and how much you can earn on such work. In the supplementary materials, you can study the mistakes that are made when choosing a profession.
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