Professional Speaker. Read People — Win Without a Fight

How to find your topic and prepare a speech — recommendations for confident speaking and using contact networks

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What you will get:
The modern speaker market: what formats and platforms are popular, what determines the speaker's fee
How to choose an interesting topic for your speech
How to win the attention and sympathy of the audience
How to develop self-confidence and get rid of stage fear
Fluent speech: how to easily communicate thoughts without crib notes
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About this course
A speaker is not just a spokesperson, he is a professional who can grip the attention of the audience and knows how to hold it. Moreover, a huge part of the work is done long before going on stage, remaining hidden from others. On the surface, there is only the magic of the speech and hundreds pairs of eyes fixed on the speaker.

Being a guest speaker is a dream job, what could be better than basking in the spotlight and getting good money for it? At the same time, it requires a lot of preparation – you always need to know what your audience wants, otherwise they may turn away from you. To prevent this from happening, you need to give useful, but limited information.

With our course, you will get a full understanding of the public speaking business. You will boost your public speaking skills and learn to be confident in public. So that you won’t have to wait long for invitations from clients, we will do the PR work. You will get tools for personal promotion on the Internet, master the tactics of negotiating with customers and learn how to win in a competition with other speakers.
Skills you will get:
  • Handling criticism
  • Public speaking skill
  • Negotiating
  • Public speaking
  • Verbal communication
Course structure

Lesson 1. Why do you need to become a guest speaker? Overview of the market situation

We will find out who a professional speaker is and how he earns money. We will see what the modern market of speakers is, what formats of speeches are the most in demand today, and what makes up the speaker's fee. We will discuss the most popular platforms for speakers — the TED Talks and German Speakers Association conferences.

Lesson 2. A right topic

We will talk about how to make your performance unforgettable. You will learn how to find a Unique Selling Point — a "highlight" that will distinguish you from other speakers. We will find out who the Keynote Speaker is and what qualities he has. We will learn how to choose interesting topics for speeches that can inspire your audience.

Lesson 3. What makes a good performance?

We will reveal the formula for a successful performance. You will find out what components a good report consists of, what is better to omit in your message, and what, on the contrary, must be there. We will talk about how to manage the attention of your audience, and discuss the optimal duration of the speech.

Lesson 4. A confident performance

We find out what exactly creates self-confidence. You will learn how to maintain verbal and nonverbal contact with your audience, be able to attract its sympathy, and learn how to respond adequately to criticism. The main criterion for your credibility is fluent speech. We will tell you how to convey your thoughts easily, barely using crib notes.

Lesson 5. To get rid of the fear of public speaking and overcome nervousness

Every speaker inevitably faces stage fear at the dawn of his career. In this lesson, you will get effective techniques that will help you overcome the fear of public speaking as soon as possible. You will understand the nature of fear and would be able to finally get rid of it. We will give you some physical and mental exercises that will help you stop feeling uncomfortable before going to the stage.

Lesson 6. Personal marketing and promotion on the market

To be a prominent and sought-after speaker, you need to broadcast a certain image to the public. In this lesson, we will talk about how to build and maintain this image. Then we will learn how to promote your public speaking services on the market. You will understand that the best advertisement for the speaker is his regular presentations, and will find out what a personal website and social networks accounts mean for a speaker's success. In addition, you will learn such an effective PR method as newsjacking — it will help you quickly gather an audience and become an influencer.

Lesson 7. Negotiations with clients

In this lesson, we will learn how to create a personal brand and master the method of "helium marketing", which is very suitable for the market of speakers. You will learn how to get into the top of the best speakers and start earning a good fee. You will also learn the rules of successful negotiations and be able to make a positive impression on your clients.

Lesson 8. An outstanding speaker

The best way to learn something is to ask for help from someone who has already walked this path. In the final lesson of the course, you will learn about the success stories of the most famous and outstanding speakers on the planet. Their example will certainly inspire you and help you develop professionally.
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