Sales Innovations. New Technologies To Increase Income

Learning sale trends and attract customers via innovative approaches

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What you will get:
Types of buyers: how to find a suitable approach to any client.
Rules for the successful presentation of goods.
The SABONE model: what motivates customers when they are making a purchase.
5 effective tactics to eliminate customer objections.
CRM systems: how to work with a customer base to optimize sales.
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About this course
Any businessperson knows how important the sales phase is, especially for markets overflowed with supply: when there are many goods and they have approximately the same characteristics, the way the product is sold plays a decisive role.

In this course we will tell you in detail how not to share the fate of the former, but to join the ranks of the latter. We will analyze all the most relevant trends and techniques that only exist in sales.
Do not be surprised: innovation is not only about humming and buzzing factories and electric cars. Sales is an industry in which something new appears all the time, and our goal is to teach you how to use it. After completing this course, you will stop crumbling at the sight of a client, but learn to manipulate them, and you will do it so competently, that even the most sophisticated buyer will not notice a catch.
Skills you will get:
  • Creativity
  • Persuasion
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Dealing with objections
Course structure

Lesson 1. The market at stage III of development - the maturity stage

You will learn about the various sales cycles and their impact, and at the same time learn how to create a positive first impression. You will be able to understand how to attract customers in such a way that they will line up outside.

Lesson 2. Sales trends

You will have a real understanding of the latest trends in the sales market. You will also learn what the "uberization" of consumption is and how to combine offline and online sales to maximize profits.

Lesson 3. Types of customers and how to work with them

The lesson will allow you to understand your consumer. Practical exercises will reveal the main life hacks for interacting with customers. In this lesson, you will learn what consumer behaviour is, and also study the types and kinds of customers you will face.

Lesson 4. Motives and motivation

An important conversation about the motives and motivation of customers is the main engine that forces them to come for your goods. You will learn more about the SABONE model and a competitive advantage matrix, and find out how to present a product so that the sale makes the maximum effect.

Lesson 5. Argumentation and customer persuasion

We will figure out how to make deals with even the most stubborn customers. You will learn how to deal with objections, and all questions regarding uncooperative buyers will vanish. You will also learn what a CRM system is and what strategies are involved.

Lesson 6. Champion sales model

In this lesson, you will learn about different types of sales people and find out how to make “champion” deals. It will also become clear what control questions you need to regularly ask yourself in order to succeed in your career. Moreover, you will learn the SCAMPER sales model and the TRIZ method.

Lesson 7. Innovative technologies in sales

In the final lesson of the course, we will find out what individualization and personalization of sales are, as well as discuss the modern trends of our profession. We will also talk about mobile sales and see how to introduce know-how into our work.
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