Sales and Global Platforms. Conquering eBay, Amazon, Alibaba

Efficient tools to acquire online sales skills

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What you will get:
The rules for selling on the top three largest online platforms in the world
Selecting suppliers
Negotiation skills for interacting with suppliers
How to conduct market research and select the right products for sale
How to write business correspondence that will bring the right results
About this course
More and more people are abandoning the services of conventional stores, preferring to order goods online. Today, websites such as eBay, Amazon and Alibaba accumulate billions of dollars, attracting the attention of a huge number of users around the world. Explore this market – and it will thank you generously.

In this course we will learn how to make money by selling goods on the Internet. To do this, we will focus on the three websites mentioned above. The demand from them is enough for you to accomplish your wildest ambitions, but to succeed, you will have to make an effort.

We will tell you how e-Commerce works, and you will learn all the nuances of this business in the shortest time possible. Do not postpone for later, because by starting training today, you will achieve success faster, leaving all competitors far behind you.
Course structure

Lesson 1. Trading Rules on 3 platforms eBay, Amazon and Alibaba

Studying the rules of trading on eBay, Amazon and Alibaba. You will learn what you need to have for the start, learn how to choose and negotiate with suppliers. At the end of the lesson we will tell you about the types of delivery and how it works.

Lesson 2. Market research and product selection

Market research and product selection – the most important stage of e-Commerce. We will tell you what requirements should be imposed on the product, and will teach several methods of market research. At the end of the lesson you will learn the main reasons for failure in online trading.

Lesson 3. Samples ordering and communication with a supplier

Checking out where to find a good supplier and learning to evaluate him correctly. We will also talk about the trade guarantee, touch on the design of business letters and learn the art of negotiations with partners.

Lesson 4. Ordering wholesale and delivery calculation

We will consider all the nuances of the wholesale order. You will receive detailed instructions on orders, learn how to calculate customs duty, and methods of delivery. We will also talk about payment methods and learn how to receive the goods.

Lesson 5. Photographing goods for listing

In order for your product to be sold, you need to display goods in prominent view. Moreover, it is advisable to do this at the right angle and with appropriate lighting. We will tell you about the process of photo shooting and photo editing for the online store. You will also learn how to choose the right background and learn many other useful tips to increase conversion.

Lesson 6. Product description and SEO

We'll learn how to properly present the goods on the Internet — so that not only your customers, but the search engine robots would like to buy it. We will tell you how to choose keywords, write a qualitative description, and will teach you how to choose working bullets.

Lesson 7. Master class on eBay and Amazon

Detailed master class on eBay and Amazon. We will consider the main mistakes that are made in sales, and tell you the secrets of success on these platforms. At the end of the lesson we will talk about the website Camel Camel Camel, which will help to track the prices and sales rating of Amazon products.

Lesson 8. Creating a private label

In the final lesson of the course we will tell you how to create a private label – a unique brand under which your products will be sold. For this purpose, we will introduce you to the Amazon Brand Registry program and the Amazon FBA service. You will also learn a lot about the design and printing methods of the brand.

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