Say No to Your Fears. New Life and New Results

Techniques for dealing with fears, identifying energy sources, effective meditation techniques, and developing confidence

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What you will get:
How to overcome the fear of change
Stress management techniques
How to stay calm in a difficult situation
Positive thinking tips
How to love yourself and find harmony with loved ones
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About this course
You feel exhausted and constant stress will not let you breathe deeply? You know that you need to change something, but you can’t understand what exactly and how? This practical course in intensive form will take you to the right path in life. The course will have answers to all your questions. It will tell you how to overcome fear and open up to change in life.

What it means to love yourself and how to live in harmony with your inner world, how to develop your strengths, what sources to use to get energy and inspiration from. You will analyze and work on your personality and finally get rid of the accumulated pile of problems, long awaited to be dealt with. You will finally leave the past behind you and continue the confident path toward the future you want.
Skills you will get:
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Assertiveness
  • Self-regulation
  • Flexibility of thinking
  • Introspection
Course structure

Lesson 1. Face to face: how to manage the fear of change

The fear of change undermines your health and prevents you from getting to the next level in your life. We show you how to get rid of ever-present fear and open yourself up to your future. You will learn some useful exercises that will help you cope with stress, and get a step-by-step guide to fight negativity. In addition, you will get familiar with the useful “fear table”.

Lesson 2. Internal energy: eliminating parasite thoughts

We analyze how the internal physical and mental energy works, and we show how to raise your energy level. To fight parasite thoughts, you will be offered three strategies: “Everything in the trash can!”, “Change the focus of attention” and “Critical analysis”. All of them are effective in their own way, but you should apply them in certain cases. You will find out in which. We will also analyze the exercise "STOP negativity." In addition to the lessons, you will learn how to fight negative thoughts and internal entropy, as well as how to bring your past, present and future back to normal.

Lesson 3. The circle of proximity

We understand what are the circles of proximity by Marilyn Murray, how to properly use and interpret them. In addition, you will receive a list of 21 questions you need to ask yourself once a week, and you will learn the best quotes by famous people about people. Also, the lesson has an attachment with your circle of affinity layout with instructions.

Lesson 4. Return to the "circle": self-love

Self-love is the main feature that characterizes successful people. You will learn what it means to truly love yourself, and learn how to do it. There is also an analysis of an altruist's common mistakes and you will learn how to find the path to yourself. In addition to the lessons, you will have useful tips on personal charm and a list of the golden rules of a true egoist. 12 tips on positive thinking will teach you to look at the world through the eyes of an optimist, and 25 quotes by Louise Hay will help you to become even more positive.

Lesson 5. Meditation and evaluation of your strengths

Proper meditation allows you to reveal your strengths and work on your weaknesses. We analyze how to tune into productive activities and tidy up your inner world. You will become familiar with the meditation method "Rose", and you will also learn about the exercises "I deserve that" and "The clear path". In addition, you will get a practical checklist on meditation and an analysis of the meditation practices main aspects.

Lesson 6. Protection of personal boundaries

We will tell you what personal boundaries are, how they should be established and protected. You will learn to disable negative intrusions from the outside and keep your composure even in the most stressful situations. In addition to the lesson, there is a cheat sheet for you, telling how to act with a person who is in a difficult life situation.

Lesson 7. Secret sources of energy

An energetic person is always more successful, more perceptive and faster than a non-energetic one. We tell you what sources to use to draw strength from and what useful habits to build. Besides the information in the lesson, you will learn what constantly drains your energy and what you should do about it. You will also learn how to use music therapy.
Amarkrishna Chakraborty
Amarkrishna Chakraborty
Amarkrishna Chakraborty