SEO — To Google's Top. Website Optimisation for Promotion

Tips of how to adjust key website elements, ways to improve relevance, features of voice search

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What you will get:

You will learn the specifics of SEO promotion
You will understand where to start website optimization
You will find out how the responsiveness of a web resource affects relevance
You will get a list of free tools of a SEO professional
You will be able to create high-quality and useful content for your target audience

About this course

Website search engine optimization will help your resource to be at the top in the search results. Do you want to turn your small business into an empire that will bring you success and high income? This is possible with proper SEO optimization. Your website will become more visible to search engines and more attractive to users. Moreover, our course will help you make your dreams come true. In eight lessons, we will teach you SEO promotion.

This knowledge will be useful both for marketers who want to expand their area of expertise and for business owners who want to attract new customers and set up promotion of their brand.

In our course, you will learn everything about the concept of SEM search engine marketing, as well las website evaluation criteria. We will tell you about the main SEO trends you should consider when optimizing. You will understand how the search engine ranking system works and how to increase the ranking of your website by customizing key elements and its design. You will learn to understand the behavioral factors that affect rankings. Besides, you will learn ways to increase the relevance and what you should do when developing search engines to be ready for their system changes.

Part of the course will be devoted to setting up voice search on your website to move it to the top results.

You will learn how to apply efficiently everything that we will talk about and create interesting and understandable content for your target audience. SEO will help you take a step towards an endless stream of customers and high income!
Skills you will get:
  • "Black" optimization
  • Google Search Console
  • Site indexing
  • SEO

Course structure

Lesson 1. Key concepts of SEO

14:24 min
In this lesson, we will learn about the basic terminology used when working with SEO, delve deeper into the process of forming a snippet and quick links, and learn how to collaborate with other websites under the "donor-acceptor" structure.

In the supplementary materials, you will find instructions on how to design pages of your website, optimize pages in Google, and also you will get a checklist with ways to improve the website's SEO.

Lesson 2. Black and White SEO Methods

8:43 min
In this lesson, you will learn how to optimize and which methods are unacceptable. You will also learn about white hat techniques that naturally increase the link mass and spread information about your website across all search engines.

In the supplementary materials, you will learn how to choose a good SEO specialist and turn your company's website into a sales tool.

Lesson 3. Indexation

7:37 min
You will learn what website indexing is and how a search robot works. You will learn how to speed up indexing to put up your website to search engine results, or, on the contrary, block it to keep some parts of your site secret.

In the supplementary materials to the lesson, you will learn 10 tips on technical website optimization.

Lesson 4. The procedure for working with indexation

5:45 min
In this lesson, you will see how to check website indexing so you could identify bugs in pages in time and learn how to fix them.

Also, you will be able to study checklists on external optimization of your website, as well as content optimization that will help promote your site in search engines.

Lesson 5. Errors in indexing

8:21 min
In this lesson, we will see why your pages may not be added to the Google index. You will learn how to fix each of these issues, such as a coding error or content error. We will also figure out how to request a search robot for reindexation, and how to track the dynamics of your website's indexing.

The supplementary materials provide you with a checklist of typical mistakes made in promotion and website's SEO.

Lesson 6. Why the website structure is important for SEO

5:34 min
In this lesson, we will talk about the structure of the website. You will learn why the structure determines the whole success of SEO.

In the supplementary materials to the lesson, you will get instructions on how to increase traffic by changing your website's usability.

Lesson 7. Planning the website structure for SEO

7:29 min
In this lesson, we continue to talk about the structure, but we will explore it more deeply. We will discuss the page hierarchy, the so-called bread crumbs, internal page relinking, and pagination.

In the supplementary materials, you will study the typical mistakes commercial websites make and you will get a checklist that will provide you with tricks of the mobile website.

Lesson 8. Page titles for SEO

9:06 min
In the final lesson, we will talk about headlines. You will learn what the right first-level header is, how to set up the tags, and what mistakes to avoid.

In the supplementary materials, you will be provided with a checklist with the secrets of the selling title for a website.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate in your email. It will confirm the knowledge and skills you will have acquired.





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