Stress Management. 40 Techniques: Improving Your Life

Over 40 ways of dealing with stress, cognitive approach, emotional tension removal

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What you will get:
How to avoid overstressing, living in a megalopolis
Motivational tips from a famous speaker
Hormonal side of our emotions
Practical tips for developing self-confidence
Effective ways to deal with stress
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About this course
Stress is the true plague of the 21st century. Its symptoms show themselves in any resident of a large city, and its causes are so different that they deserve several scientific papers written on them. Misunderstanding in the family and regular problems at work make us constantly feel uncomfortable, therefore stress prevention and the ability to cope with it are important skills for any modern person.

In this course, we tried to tell in the most concise way how to cope with stress before the situation gets out of control and forces you to turn to a specialist for help. It contains only proven in practice physical and psychological techniques that will help you heal your body and mind.

You will get out of the endless labyrinth of restless thoughts and learn how to take care of your mental health. This will allow you to feel the joy of life again and achieve the goals that you have always striven for.
Skills you will get:
  • Stress management
  • Introspection
Course structure

Lesson 1. Why do we experience stress?

We will discuss what stress is, what causes it, and what its symptoms are. We tell you what types of stress reactions can occur and what type of stress reaction you are most likely to have. In addition, you will learn how to reduce stress while living in a big city, and read motivational recommendations from the famous speaker Brian Tracy.

Lesson 2. What happens to your body when you experience stress

We will tell you how stressful situations affect the body, and what consequences there are for human health. You will learn what the main danger of stress is and how to avoid it. Additionally, you will get practical tips for developing self-confidence.

Lesson 3. Cognitive stress management

We analyze the most effective ways to deal with stress. You will learn 10 practical techniques and find out in which cases they are most useful. In addition, we will provide you with a list of rules for starting your way towards self-development, as well as examples of how to do it.

Lesson 4. Physical activity as a coping mechanism

We talk about the role of physical activity in dealing with stress and master such exercises in practice. Additionally, you will learn 6 exercises for the health of your mind and body, as well as find out more about the quick yoga technique that you can practice without leaving your workplace.

Lesson 5. Methods for relieving stress through the senses and bodily sensations

Stress directly affects the senses, therefore, you should deal with through the same channels - through exposure to various subsystems of the body. We will provide you with 10 most effective ways to do it. We’ll also talk about oxytocin and cortisol and look at the relationship between our well-being and hormones. In addition, you will learn how to cope with the effects of stress.

Lesson 6. Dealing with the emotional sphere as a method of stress relief

Ways to deal with stress are not limited to physical effects on the body. The emotional sphere is also very important, therefore, due attention should be paid to it. We will talk about how to relieve stress through emotions and indirect influence on a person. In addition, you will receive 10 recipes for happiness from different nations, rules for increasing stress resistance, and tips for maintaining a comfortable environment in a team.

Lesson 7. Using stress management techniques in everyday life

We will figure out how to effectively implement the previously discussed tips in everyday life and deal with stress on your own. You can also manage stress using an effective technique that takes only 4 minutes of your day. The rules for its performance can be found in additional materials.
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