Telemarketing. Conversation Building Strategy

Means of efficient telemarketing use, contacting audience with no middlemen, methods of simplifying communication

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What you will get:

Find a common language with anyone
Gain the client's trust in the first few seconds of the communication
Effective sales techniques that will convince the buyer to buy even the goods he does not need
News feeds that work for you
Ways to get to the decision-maker

About this course

The success of any business is ultimately determined by consumers - they either vote for you by making their purchase or they don’t. The more the potential buyers learn about your unique selling proposition, the more chance you have of closing a deal. Telemarketing allows you to interact directly with your customer and thus obtain an impressive number of contacts in a relatively short period of time. This tool is rightfully considered one of the most effective methods of working with an audience.

The course is dedicated to the nuances of telemarketing and will be useful for both beginner sales managers and experienced managers. You will learn how to impress your remote listener in a few seconds, learn effective telephone sales techniques and will be able to deftly overcome any objections.

We will tell you how to easily bypass the “gatekeeper” and get to the decision maker. The acquired skills will allow you to make a lot of useful acquaintances and lay a good foundation for your success. This is more than professional development - you will tune up your personal qualities and significantly expand upon your potential.
Skills you will get:
  • Cold calls
  • Telephone communication
  • Dealing with objections
  • Negotiating

Course structure

Lesson 1. What is telemarketing. Types and varieties of telemarketing.

16:23 min
3 additional material
1 quiz
Let's discuss the concept of telemarketing, talk about incoming and outgoing calls and when to apply them. In additional materials, you will find a plaque / clear plate about the advantages and disadvantages of this method and get a list of 10 ways to effectively use telemarketing in business.

Lesson 2. The client is a friend, acquaintance or stranger. We address the conversation strategy and telemarketer's qualities.

7:53 min
3 additional material
1 quiz
We shall gain an understanding of the difference between cold calls and warm ones and talk about the indisputable truths of telemarketing. You'll learn about the traits of a true telemarketer. In addition to the lesson, you will receive a memo with the 7 qualities of a good telemarketer and additional instructions on how to use scripts for telephone sales.

Lesson 3. How to sell something, whatever it is.

4:18 min
3 additional material
1 quiz
Let's talk about techniques that will allow you to sell even things that no one wants. Discover what talents you need to develop to master the art of selling. In addition to the lesson, you'll find a checklist for a telemarketing company and get some tips on how to make a good impression on your client.

Lesson 4. Handling client objections. The good and the bad decision makers.

6:38 min
2 additional material
1 quiz
We learn the structure of objection handling and how to develop the relationship with the decision maker. In addition, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to handle complaints, a process that is often overlooked in telemarketing.

Lesson 5. News feeds, stereotypes and stress.

5:42 min
3 additional material
1 quiz
We understand how to properly use info guides to attract potential customers and increase sales. Let's eliminate silly stereotypes about telemarketing - it will help to better understand the essence of the method and inspire professional development. In this lesson you will also learn 3 forms of non-verbal communication and what 5 things to do before you call a client.

Lesson 6. How to defeat sales bosses

5:26 min
2 additional material
1 quiz
It's time to develop the superpower - learn how to bypass the “gatekeeper” when the calls are cold and get through to the decision maker. In this lesson, you'll learn how to negotiate effectively with bosses and quickly impress others. In the supplementary material, you will find a diagram with the main secrets to persuading your listener.

Lesson 7. The terrible beast is a conversion. Problems with incoming calls

6:12 min
2 additional material
1 quiz
In this lesson we will find out what a conversion of sales in telemarketing actually is. You will learn what conversion rates are and what they consist of. Inexperienced telemarketers tend to make certain mistakes on incoming calls, which can lead to transaction disruption and loss of clients. We will recollect the silliest of such mistakes and tell you how to avoid them. In the additional supplementary materials, you will be furnished with a scheme with an incoming telemarketing strategy and instructions on average conversion rates.

Lesson 8. Rules of telephone "communication"

5:11 min
2 additional material
1 quiz
Learn phone etiquette. You will learn how to conduct the perfect conversation with the client, and how to successfully overcome unexpected situations. In this lesson we'll also talk about what kind of surprises arise in the work of the telemarketer.
We will separately discuss the process of preparing for the call, work with voice and intonation. In the additional materials, you will find full instructions summarising the main rules of telemarketing.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate in your email. It will confirm the knowledge and skills you will have acquired.





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