The Ideal Sales System. The Art of Closing Any Deal

Stages of a sale, rules for closing a deal with a client and recommendations for building a trusting relationship with them

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What you will get:
Learn how to conduct client through 11 stages of the compulsory sale and successfully close the deal
Examine the errors that can not afford a successful salesman
Learn the techniques for creating a positive attitude, which is useful in the first meeting with a client
Learn how to sell the product yourself and find out why this is important
Learn 10 rules of a confident Seller
About this course
Selling is one of the most in-demand skills today. It is easy to see this if you examine the job search sites - the vacancies of sales specialists are always in the top leaders. Are you inspired by this industry and want to become a successful salesperson? Have you been working for a long time, but feel that you do not have enough experience or are you just taking your first steps in this area? Our online course will help you fulfill your desires and understand the sales system.

In our lessons, we have put together the necessary base that will help you make a successful start in the profession. You will find out what stages the sales process consists of. Learn to act correctly on each of them, which will allow you to successfully close deals. We will reveal to you the secrets of working with clients, including complex ones. You will be able to find an individual approach to any customer and learn the rules of effective product presentation. You will also learn how to set yourself up for a meeting, how to influence a client with your charm, and even learn how to read the minds of potential buyers.

This course contains useful tips for creating a positive attitude , which is very important for mastering the art of selling. Upon completion of the course, you will learn how to successfully complete transactions, get to know yourself better and learn how to enjoy life.
Course structure

Lesson 1. Build a trusting relationship with the customer at every stage of the purchase

We learn to pave the way to the heart of any client. You will discover the main rules of an effective sales system, learn through what 11 stages you need to guide a potential buyer to create a trusting relationship with him. You will learn to make customers want to buy goods and come back to you again. We will find out why the seller should tune in to the positive even before meeting with the buyer, and why one presentation of the product is not enough to establish a relationship with the client. You will analyze 8 gross mistakes that inexperienced sellers make.

Additionally, you will be able to learn more about how to build a trusting relationship with the client.

Lesson 2. Tune in to a positive way

Let's talk about how to create the right mood, because it attracts customers and helps to make more sales. You will learn 8 rules that will teach you how to set your thoughts positively. Learn what useful habits you need to develop in yourself to become a positive person. In the course of the lesson, we will find out what customers value most about sellers.

A bonus to the lesson will be additional recommendations for creating a positive attitude. You'll also get an emotional health checklist.

Lesson 3. Sell the goods to yourself

One of the main secrets of the art of sales is absolute confidence in your product. To do this, you need to learn how to sell the goods to yourself. In this lesson, you will learn how to be confident in the product you are selling. Learn to analyze the characteristics of the product in detail - this will allow you to most fully reveal its advantages and help to make a cheat sheet for working with the objections of potential buyers.

Additionally, you will study the recommendations that will help you become more confident.

Lesson 4. Win the trust of the client

It is important to win over the client from the first minutes of the meeting, because his emotional response to you is very important for the successful completion of the transaction. They say there is only one chance to make a first impression. In this lesson, you will learn how not to miss this chance. We will analyze in detail how to properly welcome the client. You will learn to take control of the entire process of communication with the buyer.

In the supplementary materials, we have prepared for you tips that will help you to achieve the trust of the client.

Lesson 5. Overcome the defensive reaction

In this lesson, we will discuss the distrust of buyers in the early stages. We will reveal to you the main fears of customers and tell you what you need to do to overcome the defensive reaction. You will receive ready-made options for greetings of the client - they will help to eliminate his fears. You'll also learn about common mistakes that sellers make. They should be avoided.

Lesson 6. Find an individual approach to the client

Each person is unique, so in an ideal sales system, an individual approach to each client is important. To successfully find this approach every time, it is not enough to know the types of buyers - you need to learn to read the client's minds, which we will do in this lesson. You will learn to observe the buyer and “read” his desires and fears when visiting your store. We will also talk about the methods of working out objections and learn how to work proactively and voice his desires to the client, thereby increasing his loyalty.

In the supplementary materials, you will find recommendations that will help you learn how to work with objections.

Lesson 7. Ask the Right Questions

The art of sales is largely the ability to ask questions of the customer correctly. Let's understand why it is so important to ask the right questions, and discuss which questions are right and which are not. You will learn about the main goals of a successful seller and get 9 effective questions to achieve these goals.

Additionally, you will learn methods for identifying customer needs.

Lesson 8. Hold a presentation of the product

Let's talk about what the presentation is for, what is its main goal, and learn how to properly present the product to the client. You will learn the 4 main desires of all buyers - this will help to identify the motives of your client and conduct the most effective presentation for him. In conclusion, we will summarize the knowledge gained in this course and discuss what 4 qualities are necessary for a good salesman.

Additionally, you will receive recommendations on how to present any product in 5 minutes.
Know how to build a trusting relationship with the client