The Perfect Pitch

How to pitch a business idea successfully and get funding

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What you will get:
Study the entire structure of the pitch.
Explore different types of pitches.
Determine the shape and type of your future pitch.
Find out what "elevator pitch" is and learn its techniques.
Understand how storytelling is related to the pitch, and why you need it.
About this course
It is difficult and hard for an entrepreneur to present their business ideas. So, how do you do it concisely and efficiently, creating a good first impression? Well, you need to come up with a pitch and learn how to properly present yourself.

Our online course will help you with this! During the training, you will master the skill of pitching and learn how to conduct pitch sessions. You will find out what a pitch consists of and get tips on how to best design it. We will teach you how to create presentations that will go well with your pitch, and discuss the basics of body language that will come in handy during your pitch. You will discover where to find partners and potential customers, and how to attract the attention of investors to your project. The acquired skills and knowledge will help you find investors and successfully sell any idea!
Course structure

Lesson 1. Pitch secrets and techniques

So, you have identified a need that is not fully met in the market, and formulated your startup idea. Now it's time to tell potential buyers, partners and future investors about your business. But first you need to understand whom you should pitch your idea to. The first lesson of the course will help you with this.

In addition, you will be able to study the types of pitches and get questions for drawing up a pitch session. Moreover, you will receive materials to help you determine what your startup needs.

Lesson 2. What is an elevator pitch?

In this lesson, you will find out how to prepare an elevator pitch. What should it be like? Well, it is a summary of your idea in 30 seconds or less. We will teach you the structure of the elevator pitch and the main points that it should include.

In the additional materials, you will find an algorithm for creating an elevator pitch.

Lesson 3. Storytelling: creating an interesting story

It's no secret that a compelling story always makes a sell. The story should evoke an emotional response from the audience, dilute the statistics, and make people like you. In this lesson, you'll learn how to improve your pitch sessions with storytelling.

Additionally, you will receive a list of questions that investors often ask after the pitch. Furthermore, you will be able to learn effective storytelling techniques for successful pitching.

Lesson 4. Pitch exercises

You already know what a pitch should be like, how to design an elevator pitch, and how to use storytelling correctly. In this lesson, you will discover exercises that will help you master the skill of pitching. You will learn not only to correctly compose a pitch, but also to present it.

In the additional materials, you will find tips to help you successfully conduct your pitch.

Lesson 5. Creating an impressive pitch deck

A pitch deck is a short presentation that is meant to give the audience an overview of your business plan. It is used mostly during personal or online meetings with potential investors, clients, partners and co-founders. Having an impressive pitch deck is a key part of your fundraising toolkit. In this lesson, we will teach you how to create such a pitch.

Additionally, you will study the 12 stages of a pitch deck, as well as techniques for creating it.

Lesson 6. Body language: making public speaking successful

Is bad body language ruining your pitch? In this lesson, you will learn how to fix it!

Conducting a pitch about your business is a lot like a speech, whether it's a formal stage presentation or a networking event. Therefore, you can take advantage of the tactics used in effective public speeches, namely, mastering body language.

In the additional materials, you will receive recommendations on using body language for pitching.
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