Incredible Seller. How To Sell Anything to Anyone

Successful salesmen principles, client types and communication techniques, question types and handling objections

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What you will get:
The nuances behind the sales process
Effective sales techniques and methods
How to make the perfect first impression
How to get absolutely every client to like you
The right questions that appeal to clients
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About this course
What if we tell you that sales is a delicate game where the winner is the one who knows psychology better than others. Someone who knows how to think strategically and can follow clear rules. Sales are “about people” - the ability to make a connection. It's about sensitivity and the ability to ask the right questions at the right time and to feel the moment and be able to lead.

We specifically studied the best works of Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, and Robert Cialdini. Instead of repeating tired truths to the students of these Lectera courses, we have prepared a consolidation of the most useful knowledge! The result is a universal course that will be useful for both sales managers and anyone else interested in self-development. After this course you will be able to sell anything - from actual goods to your personal skills. And you will be able to set a market price higher than the average.

Buying an elephant is more than just a theory. This is a training video. The participants will learn how classic and modern sales techniques differ and what skills are needed by a successful salesperson. You will learn how to build effective relationships with a client and ask a client the right questions to identify their needs. In this course we have collected the most successful sales techniques and most reliable schemes and sales methods.
Skills you will get:
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Active listening
  • Negotiating
  • Dealing with objections
  • Verbal communication
Course structure

Lesson 1. The Art of Sales: An introduction

You will learn why selling skills are a must-have for a successful person in the 21st century! We will analyze the sales process step-by-step. We will prepare for the process, identify the wishes of the client, create a strategy, establish contact, and enter into a deal. And in the additional materials you will find the main principles of successful sellers.

Lesson 2. Old and New Selling Methods

We will introduce you to various sales methods. We will compare traditional and modern sales methods and take the best from each method. As a result of the lesson, we will learn how to build relationships with the client: to establish an emotional connection, identify their needs, and find solutions to a client's “pain”. The additional materials include 9 elements of a successful deal according to Donald Trump, instructions for negotiating, and the principles of “soft power” for persuasion with RAIN.

Lesson 3. How to Build Customer Relationships

In this lesson we will dive deeper into building customer relationships. You'll find out why first impressions are responsible for 90% of your success, why IBM salespeople aren't allowed to have a beard, what benefits a smile gives, and how simple attentiveness can lead to a customer being on your side. In the additional materials is a checklist for the characteristics of a successful manager.

Lesson 4. How to make a client like you

You will learn how to please customers. You will learn how to start a dialogue correctly. Which issues should be avoided and which will help to steer the conversation in the right direction. What moment you can start selling and how to make the client feel important. How not to cross a fine line, making compliments, and why listening is sometimes more important than passion.

In addition to the lesson, a valuable list of stop-phrases that can put off the most loyal customers, as well as a list of qualities that make a sales genius a regular seller.

Lesson 5. Algorithm of questions. To whom and how to ask them?

We will learn to ask customers the right questions. You will learn how to phrase a question in such a way that it does not annoy, but causes the client to engage in a dialogue. You will familiarize yourself with the main types of questions and understand which is better to use in different situations. The ability to ask the right questions is one of the main qualities of a successful seller. In the additional materials you will learn how to have a dialogue with a client: ask the right questions, have an effective dialogue scheme, and stop-words.

Lesson 6. Failsafe Ways to Sell Through Questions

We will delve into the topic of sales and long-term relationships with a client, as well as continue to study the art of asking the “right” questions. You will get a ready-made algorithm for preparing questions. We will analyze two methods of questions - persuasion and the client's awareness of his problems. Thanks to the additional materials, you will learn how to respond to customers who refuse services and how to determine the customer’s willingness to make a purchase.

Lesson 7. Four types of clients and the golden keys to their hearts

We will learn to determine the character of a person and, using this knowledge, find the key to even the most demanding client. By the end of the lesson you will understand how to determine the nature of the client: how to understand what he wants from life, what he values most in his life, and what basis he makes his decisions.

In the additional materials you will find instructions on how to get around the secretary - the main obstacle to negotiations with company management.

Lesson 8. Product Benefits and Handling Objections

Now that you understand the process and psychology of sales, you are now ready to consider sales in the context of a product. You will learn how to properly present the benefits of a product to a client and make a presentation correctly. We will analyze common and not so common objections of customers and teach you how to respond to them. You will also learn how to use the question technique in dealing with objections. And in addition to the lesson there will be a detailed checklist for working with objections.

Lesson 9. Closing the Deal

The last lesson is about the most important point in sales — closing the deal. This is the culmination of the whole course - all of the previous lessons have led smoothly to this crucial moment. You will learn how to break down the process of closing a transaction into small steps, how not to screw everything up with one phrase, and the little tricks that can lead to big sales. In addition to the lesson there is a review of final questions in order to have successful negotiations.

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