Turning Dreams Into Reality: Effective Goal Setting Techniques

How to set goals correctly and always achieve them

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What you will get:

Work through negative mental attitudes
Learn what goal setting is and how it can help you in life
Find out how to set a goal and begin the journey towards achieving it
Work through negative mental attitudes
Analyse various psychological techniques for dealing with self-doubt and anxiety

About this course

Have you got a dream? Maybe you want to save up for a new phone, learn to drive a car, or go to a certain university? Or perhaps you dream of inventing a new type of transport, entering politics, or becoming more confident?

However, if you don't know how to make your dreams come true, they will remain unattainable. That is why many people, even adults, give up on their wishes.

If you turn your dream into a goal, you will realise how to achieve it. Dreaming and wishing for something is very important, as it fills you with energy and inspiration. To find yourself at the right point, you need to act!

Is this your stance, too? Then take our online course!

Course structure

Lesson 1. Turning dreams into reality: a goal-setting strategy

17:31 min
1 quiz
1 case
In this lesson, you will discover the differences between a goal and a desire. You will understand what goals are for and how they can help you in life. From the very first lesson, you will be able to take action, learn goal-setting techniques and find out how to keep a goal diary.

In the additional materials, you will learn how to keep a goal diary and turn a desire into a goal.

Lesson 2. Setting a goal correctly and drawing up an action plan

13:31 min
1 quiz
1 case
Now you know a little more about goals. You have already formed your own goals. It's time to take the next step on the path to making your dreams come true. In this lesson, you will be able to determine whether your goal is short-term or long-term. Then you will check whether it is set correctly, whether you need to change anything or add details. After that, you can break it down into stages and draw up a plan.

After reading the additional materials, you will learn that the plan for achieving your goal can be designed as a ladder, each step of which will bring you closer to it. You will also receive a memo that will help you formulate your goals so that the likelihood of achieving them is high.

Lesson 3. Mental attitudes

10:27 min
1 quiz
1 case
By this lesson, you have already mastered goal-setting methods and drawn up an action plan. Yet, when you begin to implement it, you start to get various negative thoughts. In this lesson, you will discover all about negative mental attitudes and find out how to change them to positive ones.

In the additional materials, we have prepared a technique that will help you with this. You will also find there a template for compiling a list of your achievements and learn a special exercise to deal with self-doubt and anxiety.

Lesson 4. Habits

9:43 min
1 quiz
2 cases
In this lesson, you will find out that healthy habits help you learn the skills you need to achieve your goals. Thanks to them, you will regularly take small steps towards your dream. Furthermore, we will discuss how to adopt good habits.

The additional materials will provide you with ways to change your bad habits. Using a special table, you will see what skills you will need to achieve your goals. Moreover, you will receive a habit tracker template.

Lesson 5. Staying on track

9:39 min
1 quiz
1 case
Everyone faces difficulties sometimes. They cannot be avoided on the way to achieving your goal. In this lesson, you will learn what difficulties you may encounter while achieving your goal and how to overcome them.

In the additional materials, you will find such psychological techniques as a map of the journey to the goal. You can use it to track your path to achieving your goal from start to finish. That's not all: one of the materials will help you realise what strengths you have and how they will help you achieve your goals.

Lesson 6. How to behave on the way to the goal and after achieving it

8:19 min
1 quiz
1 case
In this lesson, we will discuss what you need to consider while moving towards your goal, and what you should do when you achieve it. You will learn how to track your progress and analyse your actions.

In the additional materials, you will find options on how you can celebrate achieving your goal. A special table will help you analyse what mistakes you made on your way to achieving it.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate in your email. It will confirm the knowledge and skills you will have acquired.