What is Telegram?. A Complete Guide

Learning how to use a popular messenger

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What you will get:

Learn the features of the Telegram service
Find out why Telegram is considered a secure messenger
Create a profile in Telegram and you can configure it on your device
Check the interesting features of Telegram
You will know how to make friends using Telegram

About this course

Many people know or have heard about such a messenger as Telegram. It is currently one of the top ten most downloaded apps in the world. But, despite this, many still have a question — what is this service, and how to use it?

Telegram is one of the most popular free messengers of our time. With it, we can exchange instant messages, files of various formats, make calls, create bots, and maintain our own channels. In Telegram, you can store various files and documents that even the service itself does not have access to. Therefore, the distinctive feature of this application is the high-grade security guaranteed by the developers.

At the moment there are many services through which we communicate and learn new information. Ease of use, security, and support for operating networks fill Telegram with significant advantages. With the help of our course, you will learn everything about the features of this app and learn how to correctly use its capabilities!

Course structure

Lesson 1. Features Of Telegram

6:45 min
In this lesson, you will learn the features of the Telegram service and learn why Telegram is considered a secure messenger.

Lesson 2. How to install Telegram

5:39 min
In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Telegram on your smartphone, computer, and how to use Telegram Web. You will also learn about the privacy settings in Telegram.

Lesson 3. Interesting features of Telegram

3:23 min
This tutorial focuses on the interesting features of Telegram. You'll learn how to find people nearby, send delayed messages, and more.

Lesson 4. Groups in Telegram

5:16 min
In this lesson, you will learn how to share information with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues using group chats.

Lesson 5. Channels in Telegram

4:33 min
You will learn how to broadcast messages to a large audience using a Telegram channel. You will receive recommendations on the design of the channel and learn the main ways to earn money with it.

Lesson 6. Bots in Telegram

3:40 min
The last lesson of the course is dedicated to bots — applications that work inside Telegram. You can use them to download music, videos, books, view news, and even play games.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate in your email. It will confirm the knowledge and skills you will have acquired.



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Excelentes recomendaciones que ayudan a sacar el maximo provecho de esta aplicación

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Great way of learning new technologies. Telegram is an underused platform that has a great potential to revolutionize the social media industry across the world. Thank you Lectera for this course.

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