You Are Your Own Boss. Create Your Own Income Strategy

Successful business presentation, distributor recruiting, basics of network marketing and passive income system

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What you will get:
The internal structures of MLM companies
How to select the right MLM company and avoid mistakes
Your goals in network business: how to work with them and what you can gain
Creating your own duplication methods
SMM instruments for developing your network business
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About this course
Are you inspired by the idea of creating passive income and scared to imagine that you will have to spend all your life in the office? Then the You are your own boss – how to reach top positions in network marketing course is for you! You will look at network marketing from two sides. In the beginning, you will learn how MLM companies are structured from the inside, how they are monetised, what they go by when drawing up a marketing plan, and in the second part of the course we will move on to building a career in a network company.

As a result, you will be able to approach the choice of network-companies consciously – you will understand what indicators need to be analysed and what does not matter much. In this course, you will also find the top books on network marketing, which all successful managers learn from.

In this course, you will receive tools for developing both online and offline sales – from distributing ads on boards to creating your own blog. In additional materials for the course, you will find many checklists that will teach you how to build a conversation with a potential client, answer the most popular questions about the network business, explain how to choose the right distribution channels for goods, explain the features of various companies’ marketing plans, and give a lot of other useful information.

We wish you success in learning and development in the network marketing!
Skills you will get:
  • Building a sales funnel
  • Network marketing
  • Financial security
  • Motivation management
Course structure

Lesson 1. How does the network marketing work

We will see how the network marketing works from the inside and how the training and mentoring system are arranged. We will tell you the history of the network-business’s emergence, as well as the stories of people who have achieved success in network-business. In additional materials for the lesson, you will find a list of the most popular network-companies, as well as an analysis of the MLM business’s pros and cons.

Lesson 2. How does the MLM business work

We will plunge into the world of MLM business, talk more about its structure, understand why more and more companies are abandoning traditional businesses, offline and even online shopping platforms, and go into network marketing. We will tell you how to choose an MLM company. To do this, we will consider criteria such as a marketing plan, presentation and team training. In the appendix, you will find a detailed description of the types of MLM companies with an analysis of each’s advantages and disadvantages.

Lesson 3. What is a duplication

We will get acquainted with one of the important concepts of the MLM business, a duplication. After completing the lesson, you will understand why universal duplication techniques do not work; you will be able to develop your own duplication technique in MLM. In the appendices to lesson 4, you will find instructions on how to interest a client or partner with your offer from the first minute of a telephone conversation.

Lesson 4. The most common beginner mistakes

We will analyse the most common beginner mistakes in MLM. With simple examples, you will understand why choosing an MLM company for its profit is a dead end path of development, as well as what you should first pay attention to when studying a company's marketing plan. We will give you the golden rules of MLM on social networks – you will learn how to make social media work for you. In the appendix, you will find a detailed checklist with the rules for the products presentation.

Lesson 5. How to find out whether network marketing is right for you

We will talk about the main qualities of the MLM head. You will learn why in order to be successful in network marketing you should not only be able to sell and be a good speaker, but also have analytical skills. At the end of the lesson, you will find a list of must-read books about network marketing and MLM from well-known experts in this market. In the appendices to the lesson, you will find the FAQs by beginners in the MLM business.

Lesson 6. What are the types of payouts in network marketing

We will analyse in detail one of the key criteria for the success of MLM company partners – a marketing plan. To make it easier for you to understand all the nuances, we will take specific examples: the Avon marketing plan and the Oriflame marketing plan. You will learn what payment systems are available for participants and which are better to choose. In the appendix to the lesson, you will find a checklist of key points in marketing plans that you should first pay attention to.

Lesson 7. The main sources of income in network marketing

We will look at the sources of income in network marketing – sales, commissions, bonuses. We will tell you 10 components of income in the network business – from interest on personal sales to gifts from the company. We will also talk on a very important topic – what is the difference between network marketing and the financial pyramid. We will give you clear criteria by which you can quickly understand which company you are dealing with. In the appendices to the lesson, you will find a detailed description of why MLM companies are often associated with pyramids, as well as 8 tips for making money in network marketing.

Lesson 8. How to reach passive income

We will find out how to reach passive income in the shortest time possible by automating your MLM business, stimulating team activity and building your own structure. In additional materials, you will find checklists with recommendations for choosing distribution channels, 3 golden rules of customer marketing and tips for encouraging repeat purchases.

Lesson 9. Whom to recruit in network marketing and how

We will master the methods of recruiting in network marketing – you will learn about recruiting in MLM via the Internet, through events and personal meetings. We will give you 6 free ways to find newbies on the Internet – from distributing ads on boards to creating your own blog. And for fans of live communication, we have prepared recommendations for recruiting offline. In additional materials, you will find a checklist of ways to attract customers to an MLM-business.

Lesson 10. How to sell in network marketing

We will analyse systematically the creation of a sales pipeline in an MLM-business - we will go through all the stages of the pipeline from attraction to duplication. We will look at popular tools to attract sales to the pipeline and adapt them to sales in MLM. You’ll learn how to use contextual advertising, content marketing and SMM to attract newcomers. In additional materials for the lesson, you will find a description of the four key components of modern marketing, a checklist for working with recommendations, and a comparison of indirect marketing with direct marketing.

Valeriy Sandler
Valeriy Sandler
Valeriy Sandler
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Давно интересуюсь МЛМ. Автор курса помог лучше понять этот бизнес. Усвоила детали построения сети, которые не были для меня очевидны. Понравились кейсы!