Young Financier. How To Treat Your Money Wisely

How money emerged, advice on earning and running a budget, ways of saving

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What you will get:
You will learn what money is, and how it appeared
You will understand what financial literacy is
You will find out what currency is used in other countries
You will learn to control your income and expenses
Write your first financial plan
About this course
Where do you think the money comes from? What are they?

In our course, you will learn what role money plays in the modern world, and what financial literacy is. You will be told the story of their occurrence, why you need a bank, and why now everyone is actively using electronic money. You will also learn what a budget is, how to manage it, and where you can earn money if you are not 18. Furthermore, you will be told how to learn how to save money and earn with the help of bank deposits, as well as how not to lose the accumulated money. Our course will teach you to be reasonable about money, plan a budget and earn a lot.

This fundamental knowledge will help you succeed in the future!
Course structure

Lesson 1. Money. What are they?

In this lesson, you will learn how the history of money began, and what it is. You will be told what a bank is for, and why everyone now uses electronic money.

In the supplementary materials you will find a glider with which you can create a list of your desires.

Lesson 2. Currencies of different countries and budget management

In this lesson, you will learn what currency is. You will also be told everything about the budget, types of income and expenses, and how financial literacy helps to manage money.

In the supplementary materials, we have prepared for you a glider where you can write down your own financial plan.

Lesson 3. How to make money

In this lesson, you will learn how you can make money if you are under 18 years old, and what precautions should be followed when applying for a job.

In the supplementary materials, you will find a template by which you can create an envelope. You can use it to put the money that is needed to realize desires.

Lesson 4. How to get rich, and what is the exchange

In this lesson, you will be told how to master financial literacy and earn with the help of bank deposits. You will also learn what a stock exchange is and how it works.

In the supplementary materials, you will find two more envelopes that will help you keep track of how much you have accumulated and how much you have spent.

Lesson 5. How not to be left without money

In the final lesson, you will be told how to save money. You will receive some practical tips for safe use of a bank card.

Do not forget to look into the supplementary materials to study the memo of safe handling of money.
воу! никогда бы не подумала, что узнаю столько нового и интересного за такой короткий срок. пусть и знаю общую информацию, но благодаря курсу, я узнала много деталей, о которых раньше и не задумывалась. спасибо!